KH isis Sym street/freestyle cranks review

Alright i figured i would throw out a review of the KH isis sym cranks ( ) ill be comparing them to both the moment and venture cranks ( reason being is that i owned the venture prior to getting the sym, and my friend uses moments so ive used both) Where to start…


moment ( 137 ) - 542g
sym ( 130 ) - unkown, feels a little heftier but not much
venture ( 125 ) - again unkown but without question the lightest.
(im going off what has, sadly they only have the wieght for moments =( )

now on to the review. the first think i noticed when using the sym was the surprising stability of the unicycle in mid air during unispins, and during crank flips (ive yet to one though) compared to venture and moments. the 30 mm protrusion on the back reallly helps stabalize the uni. And for all you flatland and freestyle riders the 30mm protrusion is beyond helpful for tricks requiring standing on cranks, and believe it or not crank rolls are still possible and not very hard ( this is from my own experience). And for all you street riders these are beyond helpful for grinding. For me, when grinding my crank would always roll on the rail, similiar to a crank roll, and would result in me bruising my tailbone ( a total of 3 times now… ouch) but the syms prevent any type of rolling or slipping while on the rail. Same principle for all you trials riders, when doing crank grabs they allow your crank to stay firmly on the ledge without rolling. Finally they look awsome!

Now for the cons. The only 2 that ive found is they love to snag your pants. i have to tie off my pants at my ankle when riding to prevent ripped pants. Along with eating pants they love to bite your ankle, hasnt happens too much once i got used to them but i still end my rides with bloodied socks… ouch.

Conclusion. If you love trials street or freestyle these cranks are a must, they help enormously with grinds crank tricks and crank grabs, and they look plain awsome. i would stay away from them though if your a muni or distance riding fan. All in All thank you kris Holm for these awsome cranks!

As far as drilling goes im not sure if its safe to drill these, any comments on drilling them would be highly helpful =)

this was my first review so please tell me what i can do better and if its too long =)

cool review. Thanks.

Sweet, I might look into getting a pair :slight_smile:

Your welcome =) im still looking into if these are drill-able i really hope so. Theyve already claimed 2 pairs of my pants haha but definitely worth it.

I think you should De-nub them, It would save your pants and you could do some Rolls:)

i think making the nub removeable would be a good idea. Or something like the double hole moments but instead of having 2 peda holes have 2 isis holes. Just my thoughts though. i jus cant part with my little nub