KH ISIS Spirit Cranks Triple Hole

Like the title states, I have a triple hole set of KH ISIS Spirit Cranks 165/137/120.

Okay here is the bad news. I had the 120 holes drilled and tapped by a business that does this regularly. When I received them, the right crank, third hole was stripped. The guy made it right by going in halves with me to buy a new set of cranks, so I’m selling these. These could be fixed by inserting a helli-coil into the hole. If not, the 165/137 could still be used as dual hole cranks. I really don’t know what the going rate is for these, so I thought that I would put it up for the highest bid. The bidding starts at $30 plus shipping. I would rather not bother with international shipping, so this is open to those in the US. Just post your bid under this thread and the highest bid wins. The bidding closes 5pm May 26th PST.

If you want to do a public bidding thing, I’ll start at $30.00.

Sad it didn’t worked out the way you expected :confused:

I say $45.

Siddhartha Valmont you won! I sent you a PM.