kh in the nude?

what you think

want me to do yours ?

can you get more pics? It’s pretty though

Take it all off!
But really get the black off to.

i cant take the paint of the cranks cuz they will rust and i think i need oven cleaner to strip the seat post

wow, thats great. now you need to take it off the seatpost and rim. I really like that look. how did you get the powdercoat off?

oh, yea, get the seatclamp too.

I have done one crank of my KH and it’s not rusting (not yet :stuck_out_tongue: )

How did you do it?
Just sandpaper ?

nope i didint want to scrach it so it was like 3 coats of paint stripper and than like 2hours of buffing on the bench grinder than like an hour of hand polshing than a coat of wax

That looks really nice. I think it looks fine with the seat and rim, cranks the way they are.

It almost looks like it’s painted that way. We need a close up picture though, instead of more far away pics. :slight_smile:

Whew! I was afraid it was going to be a spa picture or something…

The “bare” frame looks cool; a great way to show off your aluminum! Are you going to put a protective coating on the bare metal?

my sugestion is you should put clear coat on it

He did John

A wax coating is fine if the uni will sit in a display case, but the moment he takes it out and uses it, the coating will wear off. The frame needs something chemically bound to it (i.e. paint) in order to prevent the metal from oxidizing and becoming weaker.

D’oh! Now he’s going to have to remove all traces of the wax before painting the frame…

I like the contrast of the black parts against the silver-leave it like that! I would have a clear powder coat applied.

My bad…Sorry.

And yeah getting that wax all off is gonna be a bugger.

i dont think that oxidizing will be a problem beacuse i wipe it down and rewax after i ride

i guess it depends on the method by which you apply your wax. if you’re simply wiping on the wax then you’ll be missing all sorts of nooks and crannies where oxidation can develop. the best method of application is spray, and the substance you’re spraying must be as viscous as possible so that it will flow into all the cracks, bumps, etc. in the metal.

once oxidation starts, it’s irreversible; you’ll have to remove the oxidized metal to protect what’s underneath it.

WHY DID U DO THAT ? I LOVED THE BLUE !. but good job on taking the paint off it looks rlly slick.

I like it how it is too, the black and rim seatpost and rim look better with the bare aluminium than with the blue.