kh hub

Hey, has anyone done the modifications to an older kh20 frame in order to use the kh hub thats on the summit? I’m about to tackle this but i was curious as to wether anyone has had any problems with machining the bearing holders for the 42mm bearings.

Which older KH20 frame do you have? Is it one made in Taiwan? Are you sure your frame is designed to fit something other than a 42mm bearing?

I think the KH20 frames that came with the standard square taper hub had 40mm bearing holders. But everything else that was made in Taiwan should be 42mm.

Yeah the hub is the cheapo square taper with the bendy cranks(40mm-17mm-12mm).It’s a 2003 model i think.

One option would be to get the Torker bearings for the Torker DX. The Torker DX bearings have a 40mm OD and a 20mm ID. Those bearings should fit the KH/Summit hub. If you go this route I’d buy several pairs of the Torker bearings (enough to last you several years) because I wouldn’t be surprised if those Torker DX bearings became hard to get in a couple of years. You can order the bearings from any bike shop that can get the Torker unicycles. The bearings aren’t in the current SBS/Torker catalog so they’ll need to call to get the correct order number and info. The bearings should be in the next catalog that’s printed.

Another option is the bearing shims that Scott Wallis is making so you can fit a 37mm od x 20mm id x 9mm bearing in the frame.

See these two threads for details:
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Both those options are easier and safer than trying to machine the KH frame to be able to fit the 42mm bearings.

Thanks John, i didn’t realise you could actually get 40x20mm bearings.I work in a machine shop and the suppliers we use don’t carry those sizes.