KH hub on the Yuni frame

As promised, I installed a KH24 wheelset into a Yuni/Nimbus2 frame. And the verdict is: YES, it fits fine. I rode it around for a while and it felt just like it should.
The Yuni frames have a hole in the bottom main cap holder and you can see that the bearing is in about the same position as the 40mm bearing seems to be. With a small flat blade screwdriver, I did a very unscientific measurment between each bearing (the 40mm and the 42mm) while in place and the difference is really undetectable.
The Yuni frame I have is a 28", I’ve got a 24" frame on the way and I’ll be using that. I’m changing over to Profiles and my son will get the KH/Yuni set up.
Once it is put together, I’ll beat it up on the trails a bit and report back.

Too bad a Profile hub wheelset won’t fit on Low end KH frame.

oh,i dont know about that…