KH hub on nimbus frame, will it fit?

I know I already asked this question in unicycle product reviews, but I will probs get more attention here. So will the KH Hub fit on the Nimbus Frame that comes with the 20 Nimbus Trials?
I’m getting a Nimbus Trials soon and I want to get it strong.

Thanks for any comments

P.S. Sorry if there’s already a thread on this, I tried searching, but found nothing.

Mate of mine has a nimbus frame and he has the KH hub on his but he got a full wheel build done from haven’t had any problems with it so far

so what he got a kh wheelset (hub and all) and it fits on the nimbus frame?

Wheelset usually include hub, cranks, spokes and rim. Not always cranks. Nimbus cranks aren’t ISIS so I think probably he(or she) got cranks too.

Edit: I’ve seen 24" KH -07 wheelset in Nimbus 24" frame, so I think it will fit and many peoples recommend to get Nimbus II frame for trials, because it’s cheap.

ok yeah.
doesnt jerrick say if you torker dx frame brakes just get a nimbus?

so it will most likely fit?

ya it will don’t worry about it.

gnarly thanks for clearing that up guys.

that’s what we’re here for. :slight_smile:

oh, I thought that you’re here just to be silly.


Yes it will, the hub has 42mm bearings, and the frame only has 40mm bearing holders, but it works fine, I did it for years.

ok then but first i need to save up $200 for the kh hub and cranks.
so it will be a little further down the track