KH Hub on a coker

Has anybody thought about using a KH hub on a coker? Any reason why you couldn’t.

I know you only have two crank arm selections, but they would be relatively easy to change out. You could use the 170’s for stuff like the Mt. Diablo challenge and light muni then switch to the 140’s for the flats.

It seems with cotterless cranks that you can’t change them out as quickly. (gotta use the crank removal, apply loctite, let it set…)

Any comments?

The only thing I can see that’s possibly ‘wrong’ with doing that is that the KH hubs are reasonably narrow and with such a huge rim it might result in a weaker wheel. I don’t know how much difference it would make.


Re: KH Hub on a coker

I have never used loctite, and I don’t have any problems with my cotterless cranks.


Back around the time of the last UNICON, I toyed with the idea of putting a Profile setup on a Coker. Just a couple of days ago, I ordered a Hunter 36" for the Stockton or SH widened Suzue hub. Nathan already has one that he used in Norway. After riding his, I’m convinced that the wider hub is the way to go.

Maybe we should contact Profile or Kris about making a splined wider hub for the 36". Of course demand could affect the outcome. Since my days of riding a 24" Schwinn for a MUni in 1997, I have eventually gone with most of the upgrades in MUni and Coker that have come along. Let me place my order now for the first Wide Profile or KH for an Airfoil 36".


I have contacted Profile within the past four months about this very idea. They said that they had a minimum purchase of 100 units. I would be glad to make such a thing happen if I knew that there was enough demand (and was able to get the funds somehow). Remember, though, that you are also giving up crank choice in the process. Profile’s minimum crank length based on equipment limitations is 145mm. This is the real reason that I abandoned the splined approach. I know that people use 102mm up to 185mm regularly.

However, I have another idea and will check it out. I’m also eagerly awaiting the new KH crank design to see if that would scale to a wide hub; the current version would not.

Also, anyone who is serious about purchasing a splined-wide-hub-36" wheel can respond to this thread. That might help give an indication of interest; if there is enough to satisfy one of these companies, we will find a way to do it.

Until then, though, the wide hubs, though, that I have been working with seem to be pretty tough and seem to handle the cranks and tough riding associated with vigorous Cokering. Very few are going to want to do picnic tables the way Ryan and Ben were. And the wide-hub wheels we have here have been doing stairs and hops and normal drops regularly without any issues. You just have to be as careful with your crank installations and maintenance as you would be with a cross-country MUni with a square taper hub.

I am always interested in new products, especially for the 36. A problem you might find that always pops up is cost. Did Profile give you a unit cost on the widened hub, the standard hub alone is around $200. I think we should effect a change in the tire selection first. Who wouldn’t want a 36" Hookworm or Gazzaloddi?

Is the wide hub better for street riding or just off road? I’ve been mentally designing my next coker, and I’m trying to decide on the best/most cost effective setup. I originally thought I’d only coker on the street, but as I grow more confident on it, I’m not so sure. I think I’d like to go the Stockon/Hunter route, but ultimately that setup (including all the seat and brake upgrades) would cost $1300+ Ouch! …but maybe worth it. In the mean time, I’m really enjoying my stock/refurb coker with my newly upgraded airseat + GB4 handle.

I wasn’t really thinking about width when I suggested the KH hub. Probably not a good idea. It would, however, be really cool to have the same hub and cranks on most of my uni’s (I have a summit and KH24) Does anybody else here regularly change cotterless crank arms regularly without loctite + letting it set? I’ve had some trouble in the past.