KH Hub Moving AXLE

has anyone had the problem of a moving AXLE on the KH Hub? as of yesterday, i could move it 1cm left or right, and it can rotate a little bit (maybe a degree or 2). it doesnt affect my riding, but when standing in place, i can feel a definite click that i first thought was my pedals, but closer inspection revealed that was not the case. a possible cause suggested for this was that im not actually using a KH frame, it is a rebuilt wheel on a Nimbus frame. still waiting to hear what Kris thinks, but im hoping that there is a warranty, being that the wheel is only 2 months old.

Mine has done the same thing…could it be due to lack of anti-seize???


well im pleased im not the only one phew Kris said that i should try to tap the axle out, and cover it with the strongest loctite available, and hopefully this should work. mine also comes under warranty, due to the fact that it happened through normal riding. how old is your set? if you hear of any other possible fixes, i’d be glad to hear them :slight_smile:

This sounds similar to the problem I had on my profiles recently, and the solution for me was to take the spindle out of the hub, and epoxy it back in place. So far so good. Good luck.

That’s great that the epoxy fix is holding up for you. What type of epoxy did you use?

My Profile hub is also slipping. I tried fixing it using Loctite sleeve retainer but that didn’t hold up. The hub is back to rocking in the keyway. Next step is to try epoxy instead of Loctite. I just don’t know what kind of epoxy to try.

Is the average slop in hub keyways generally to small to shim? I used the loctite fix on my onze trials hub recommended to me by JC and it is still holding up great.

It’s ‘Devcon high strength 2 ton epoxy’. says it contains… ‘N-Aminoethylpiperazine.’ I’d imagine that to be the key chemical?

the problem has been fixed with super-dee-duper strength loctite (the kind that needs a blowtorch to undo) :smiley: was chatting to my old boss at the climbing gym, and said “oh watch this” then lightly tapped the axle and it flew out and landed on the floor. he said that epoxy was too brittle and would shatter over time (he’d know too, making climbing holds and such) so hopefully all shall be good from now :slight_smile:

I wonder, what is considered “normal riding” with a KH hub?

has anybody had the axel sort of bent? if you look right down the axel, you will see that the cranks are a minor v shape, and its not a problem with the cranks.

Kris Holm said, in his email to me that “normal riding” would be pretty much anything other than “a ridiculously high drop to flat, for example”

i had kind of the same thing, if its with a splined hub, try loosening the pinch bolts, and then adjusting the cranks so that they are more opposite each other…if that aint the case, then i’ve never seen nor heard of an axle twisting…kinda strange…

I haven’t had to do that fix, but I would probably consider using JB Weld. It is available at auto parts and hardware stores, it bonds well to metals, and it is heavily filled which gives it good compressive strength. Since you are really looking to fill the voids more than bonding the parts together, the compressive strength is important. The Devcon products I believe are unfilled (clear), but probably do a good job also.
I have seen many JB Weld repairs on engine blocks and other parts last for many years.


NEW KH hub moves!

:astonished: I JUST got my new KH yesterday and the hub moves about 1cm !? Similar to what is described in this thread. Is anyone else having similar problems with their NEW KH?

I am. I noticed the “hub lag” The first day I rode it.
I guess I’ll have to send it back…sigh…

Re: KH Hub Moving AXLE

On Thu, 1 Jul 2004 10:58:49 -0500, “Murde Mental” wrote:

>I am. I noticed the “hub lag” The first day I rode it.
>I guess I’ll have to send it back…sigh…

In my thread about crank play, I mentioned that my cranks move
independently from each other. In this thread it seems to be about the
axle being lose in the hub. So I understand that your cranks are still
fixed to each other via the axle, which is different from my case. I’m
also in communication with Kris but so far it beats him too.

I go on holiday tomorrow and wanted so badly to take the KH24 to the
Austrian Alps. But I’m not sure if it will hold up. What to do? Take
the old cotterless MUni? Try to slip both unis past my wife into the

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Re: Re: KH Hub Moving AXLE

As long as the axle is not slipping in the hub body you’re all good. No need to panic.

Getting the cranks tight on the splines is an easy fix. Read this post: Problem with KH 24 for the details on the fix. And yes, the fix involves anti-seize. :slight_smile:

Getting the cranks tight on the splines when everything is dry (ungreased) is difficult. It needs grease to get tight. If you don’t have anti-seize you can use regular bicycle grease instead. Anti-seize will work better, but since you’re going on holiday tomorrow and will want to get it fixed ASAP, regular grease will work. Grease up the splines and the threads of the bolts, and you should be fine.

Re: Re: KH Hub Moving AXLE

DUde. Austrian Alps. You gotta bring the KH. It will be mad at you if you dont.

To all you new KH ppl with moving crap: These unicycles can come pretty poorly assembled. A friend just got one on monday and the frame was on the wrong direction and and the cranks were on the wrong sides.

Soooo, go over everything and make sure its where its suppose to be and that all the bolts are nice and tight. You might even have to ride it and tighten it a couple times to get the cranks tight enough. Lube up your splines too.

OHH man. it looks like i took my time and the man himself, JC, responded. I’ll post anyway since i bothered to type all this.:smiley:

Have fun Klaas Bil!

I’m not sure everybody understands. It’s the axle that’s moving inside the hub. How the hell do we fix that? the cranks move simultaniously so we know that they’re not the ones that need to be tightened. I also centerred the axle but that didn’t change the clicking thing either…What am I to do?

The loose axle is a real problem. You’ll have to contact the place you bought the unicycle from and find out about getting a replacement for the wheel.

It’s not something that you’ll be able to fix adequately yourself. The fix is to get a new wheel. At least that’s my opinion based on what’s been said of the problem.

It’s a serious bummer that there has been a bad batch of hubs this time around. It’s going to be a headache for Kris and the resellers (, Bedford, and others).

that’s what I thought…do you think they’ll still take it if the frame is scratched? I’ve only used it for one day…:frowning: