KH hub/axle slop

I have one of the 1st generation KH hub sets that has the splined
hub and axle/cranks. As with many people, I’m starting to get some
noticable play in the axle/hub splines. It’s not a big deal so far,
but it does feel like the slop is increasing.

So I’ve not been paying attention for a while. What is the usual
approach to this problem these days? Is it easy to fix? How’s it
done? Shims? Thread-Lock? Epoxy?


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If you got that hub from me, I will fix it for free.
You will never have a problem with it again.
I will be at the OUI in Ottawa on June 4th.

Let me know,

When i got some play in my cranks i just wrenched the pinch bolt up real tight…Never had a problem since.

Hey Darren, will you be bringing down any copies of defect?

sorry for the threadjack

so the kh free-ride is a bad idea?

No the KH freeride is great…The uni were talking about has a Gen. 1 Hub(old 8 spline one). This one.


I will bring whatever people want to order before I leave.

Let the guys in Ottawa know that I will only be bringing what is pre-ordered.


You know me. I’m already in Ottawa. I OWN Ottawa. I RUN Ottawa. Please bring me a black Ferrari. I’ll pay you when I see you.

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well thx for telling me that trials uni Im only $104 away from getting a freeride and thats about a month of work for me yayayayya