KH hub and Qu-Ax frame ??

Did KH or Nimbus Hub fit on Qu-Ax frame ??

yeah, im pretty sure they do. They better b/c i got a nimbus isis wheel on the way(for my qu-ax), and i was told KH and nimbus are basically the same besides kh has a drilled axle, and then cosmetic details.

why here saying, that NIMBUS hub dont fit on Qu-Ax frame:

Are you sure that KH or NIMBUS(they are the same) fit on Qu-Ax frame ??? :thinking:

Wow it’s kinda weird that I found this today, because I have had an experience trying to fit a KH moment hub on my qu ax frame last week.

I did manage to get it to fit.

At first the flanges are very close to the sides of the frame, to close for spokes to fit in. So I removed the bearings and put a larger spacer on before I put the bearings back on, so that there would be a bigger gab between the flanges and the frame. I had to pull my frame apart a bit while it was off the hub to get the bearing holders to fit nicely on the bearings, but It works fine, as long as you put a smaller spacer on after the bearing to make up for the larger one before it.

I still haven’t put my wheel on the frame and tried it because my rim and hub are being painted right now.

I think it’s talking about the qu-ax aluminum frame. the standard frame should work fine, except using KH hubs might give you a flange hitting frame problem.

When you put together yours uni, pliss pass his foto her :slight_smile:

So I geuss people can use the XTP frame on the KH hubs by using spacers between the bearing and flanges.

Peter M

i just got my nimbus hub, and the flanges fit, but the spokes just rub on the frame, the wheel will spin, but i hear the spokes rubbing on the frame, i might send it back, but im not sure yet:(