kh hub and nimbus frame

can a kh hub or wheel fit the nimbus trials frame?

yes theres just no room for the flying saucer spacers, i forget the spacer arrangement for the nimbus frame, think it was big spacer then bearing then little, as opposed to my municycle frame which was the other way round.
Nimbus II frame right?

There is room for the flying saucers, but they just look weird as they stick out. It should go large spacer>bearings>small spacer>bearing shield> crank. Although, I don’t suppose it would make loads of difference if the large and small spacer were swapped, it just fits better that way. My frame had a narrow Suzue before and the the large/small spacers swapped it dropped right in the frame no problem. I bent the frame to fit the wider set up though. It fit into my new frame no problem tho.
You may have to bend the frame slighty.

ENOUGH babble! It’s a great set up!

well i dont care about the saucer caps. its just my freind has a nimbus trials and he is already attempting 6ft drops (he would be able to do it if his cranks would stop bending) and he needs better cranks and hub, so im thinking we can just replace the stock hub with the kh. we has already gone through 3 pairs and i think he should get the monty cranks, but are they any good?

Don’t waste your money on more cotterless cranks. It’s folly to try huge drops on anything less than splined cranks without expecting to bend them unless you’re super light and land like a super light cat. Go for the KHs.

alright. well my freind just started unicycling and has been doing it for a month and within the last week when he got his second uni (nimbus) he did the six footer, so maybe he should have got a kh trials. but i have some wheel building skills and i can replace his hub, which in turn is cheaper than a kh.