KH handle with Viscount

The KH handle fits the Viscount saddle like it was made for it. (After you remove the 2 screw receivers from the original.)
I think it makes a great trials saddle, very comfortable to hold seat out.

Another pic

One more

nice job!

Looks perfect. Did you also try to attach the KH rear bumper?

No I left the stock bumper on the back.

that looks really nice… good job.


huh. That just might be my new trials setup.

i just broke my kh seat and i have a viscount seat lying around. iwas wondering how you got the bolts coming from the inside and if you just drilled two more holes for the extra screws? thanks

*First remove the 2 places where the Viscount screws go in.
*I did that by using a 1/2 drill bit and then using wire cutters to get the little pieces of metal that were left.
*Peel back the cover and padding, you will need to cut the foam away from the metal base.
*Drill the 4 holes.
*Put the carriage bolts in.
*I then hot glued the cover back in place.
*Bolt the handle on and you’ve got one of the cheapest and best trials seats.

Nice! BTW when the back screws strip out, just use a couple of pop rivets for a perfect attachment.

so was doing that setup hard or not ? I orderd a viscount to do it… and I am wondering is that whole setup would work with a fuson cover on it insetad of the viscount cover ?


so by yep you mean yes it was hard and yes a fusion cover would fit on it ? and alot to put the bolt in… did you cut the foam then made the holes or you just lifted the foam and made holes… and to take the viscount cover off without scraping your foam did you bloew-dry it or something … I think its glued isnt it ?

I can answer a few of the questions.
The Viscount metal base is a little less than 1 cm longer than the KH base. The Fusion seat cover has stretchy fabric on the front or back so it should fit easily enough after allowing for the stretching. I’m not sure how well it will fit the shape and form and curvature though. The Viscount has a different shape. I suspect it will all fit fine.

Getting the Viscount cover off the Viscount foam is tedious if you want to keep the foam. The seat cover is glued on the foam using a glue similar to rubber cement. You have to peel it off slowly and carefully and use a knife or utility razor to scrape along the fabric. I don’t know if heating up the glue and cover with a blow drier or heat gun would make it easier to peel off the foam or not. The foam is also glued to the metal seat base and formed (molded) around the seat base. Peeling off the foam from the seat base without ripping out chunks of foam is also tedious. Leave the foam on the metal base if you can.

thanks alot thats really helped me :slight_smile: Ima try and do my convertion tomorow night

would this work with udc’s imitation viscount saddles they now sell called “Classic saddles”?

would this be beter than a cut down kris holm seat or a miyta?

Depends on how you define better.
The Viscount has a metal base so it is going to flex less and may hold up longer than a KH or Miyata with a plastic base. The Viscount also has a different shape than the KH or Miyata and prefer that saddle shape. But the metal base makes it heavier and the shape may or may not agree with you.

Im selling mine for 40$ is anyone is interrested…