KH Handle on a KH Freestyle seat?

Will the KH replacement handle ($9 on UDC) fit and work on the KH Freestyle Seat? I’m guessing yes, but I just want to make sure before I order it.


it most certainly will

Thought so. Thanks.

I went out and looked at my two KH seats (one freestyle and one regular) and both look identical except for the handle or lack thereof. I just ordered the handle off of UDC, and it should come around Monday.

The reasoning behind this is that I have three good seats: Torker LX saddle, Regular KH, and Freestyle KH. I use my Torker on my freestyle uni because of it’s thinness and nice handle, I use the regular KH on my Muni, and I use the freestyle on my 29er. So, I want a handle to rest my hand on for the 29er, so I bought the handle! :slight_smile:

There could be a problem in that the freestyle handle (really just a front bumper) has two bolts to hold it on. The regular handle uses four bolts to hold it on. The freestyle seat likely doesn’t have the two additional bolts already in the seat. You’d have to rip into the seat to add the two additional bolts. Or you could just put the regular handle on using two bolts which might work OK as long as you don’t push and pull too much on the handle.

Wow, you got me worrying! :stuck_out_tongue: I just checked and it does have two extra bolts in the holes! So, I’m safe!

Nice that they put the extra two bolts in there. Handy.

bah they probably use the same velo 500 base, cause then its cheaper… also velo might have like a minimum manufacturing number…

but yeah it is kinda usefull