KH handle as spare on municycle!!!!

Have you seen that?? :astonished:

Is cheaper than other handles and pretty strong!:smiley:

DO you thing it can fit a miyata, or even viscount saddle??!!!??? :thinking:



it doesnt match up with the Miyata very well.i havent tried it on a Viscount.

The Kinport is much stronger, more comfortable, and less flexy IMHO.


you guys are harsh, they guy was just excited about his handle and u have nothing good to say at all, but me, i think its a deecent handle hope it fits on your miyata or v-count.


Re: man

I didn’t intend to be harsh. I got the impression that mono was asking about the suitability of this particular handle for his saddle, and I was expressing the opinion that I thought a different handle was a better handle. It seemed to me that he was considering buying one, not that he already owned it. I may have had the wrong impression, though.