KH Gloves/Wristguards?

I am curious, does anyone have any idea when the new KH gloves will be coming out? I had a fall today where I wouldn’t’ve minded having them…

Re: KH Gloves/Wristguards?

They’re out. They came in with the same Christmas order as the 2005 unicycles. It’s just a lot of work to upload so many new things to probably why they haven’t shown up yet.


Bedford Unicycles has them too.


Cool, good to know. I look forward to getting a pair. Lets hope they have a longer production run then the KH leg pads, too :frowning: .

Re: KH Gloves/Wristguards?

I’ve uploaded most of the new Kris Holm products to our Web site. Links are available from the ‘What’s Up’ box on our home page.

The container bringing all these exciting new products was due December 15, but manpower shortages at the West Coast port has delayed it. We’re projecting a new delivery date around December 30.

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Stupid lockout!!! Still screwing me over… Maybe if I go do a few hours of work at the ports I’ll get to see the container with those gloves…