Kh glove sizes!

I am gonna get some new gloves so I wanted to know what sized of the gray kh pulse gloves to get. My hands are 3 1/2in wide and about 7in long from wrist to index finger tip. I already searched for a while and came up with nada.

trust me.

My hand is 3 3/4" wide and 7 3/4" long, and the XL fit perfectly.

gonna go with the xl then. Btw what is the splint like in them?

There is no splint, at least on the palm side. The palm has a velco pouch that has a gel insert in it, approx 2 1/2" square. Once you put the glove on, there is a 3" wide band of material that does a full wrap around the wrist, thus limiting full wrist movement, and contains a 3/4" x 4" flexible splint that is on the back of the hand.

While I really like the feel of the gloves, I’m used to having the palm plastic splint brace for all these years (MTB and rollerblading). It’s going to take some time (and a few falls) to get the same confidence in these gloves.

Yeah I will probly get some hillbilly goat gloves. Do you know about those?