KH Glove and Leg Armour fitting and sizing, What size do I get?

I don’t want to get the wrong size leg armour like someone did recently. So I measured the top of my knee to ankle and its about 40cm. Around the middle of my shin in circumference is 29cm (1FT). And I am age 13. What size KH leg armour do I get? Small. Medium. Large
(And I’m still a little short and small for 13 and I will most likely grow heeps next year in secondary school so I don’t want to grow out of them strait away)

I’ve tried on a road unicyclist’s KH gloves (extremely rare to happen to see him where I live). He had size Large and I tried them on and they were too big and he said probably go for Medium. It’s 17cm from tip of middle finger to the bottom of my palm. It’s 16cm circumferance around my wrist.

Just making sure I don’t get the wrong size, help appreciated =D

Well maybe someone can atleast tell me how old they are and what size something they wear…if not I will just email Mal I guess.

There was a thread about KH glove sizes here;

Based on that info, I wasn’t sure if I was a medium or large, but I went for medium. They’re snug, and ideally would be just a tiny bit larger for me, but I think the large would have been quite a bit too big. From the tip of my index finger to the base of my palm is 18cm.

I think the leg armour sizing has been discussed before, but I seem to remember it was hidden within a thread somewhere. If I could be bothered, I’d search for threads started by Danger Uni either regarding new product launches or R&D stuff for the leg armour. I’m sure the info is buried deep within a thread like that.


well my middle shin size is 17in and my larges are to small

but try measuring the top and bottom cir of you calfs then look here

I will go for small leg armour and medium pulse gloves.
Does anyone know about the sizing of the Logo T-shirts? Would you think an ex-small or Small would fit me?