KH Gel Seat


is the weight from the gel seat the same as the normal Kh seat?

When I emailed them about the seat, They said: “We just got some sample gel saddles, and frankly we’re not impressed.
We’re ordering some anyway, for deliver in the Springtime.”


I dont think that the point is just the gel, the big thing is that the shape is perfect, it is a mix between miyata and KH.

I dont like the big KH saddles, I find them just too big. I have lots of unis with differents models of saddles, viscount, miyata, air saddles, kh and I like that one a lot.

Ive been riding with the gel saddle for a week, so i can tell you more yet. You can see more details here: and you can buy them here

The think I like more is the height, there is less saddle surface touching the inner part of the leg while pedaling. It is also great for seat out hopping, you can catch the saddle better.

A great alternative is the other thin model with standard padding, is like a miyata.

The only thing I would change is the rear bumper, i like more the miyata style, it is better for drag seat tricks.

Thats my little review.


PD: Tomorrow I´ll continue testing the saddle in a great uni trials morning with other unicyclists, I´ll tell further information.

Hello monociclos,
Thank you for the info. Your beginning to convince me that the KOXX seat shape is what I’m looking for.

What do you think of the gel? Does the gel improve the seat, or would the lower profile KOXX foam seat possibly be as good?

I got my Koxx one seat and I like it. One thing though, it doesn’t feel like gel, It feels like dense foam. I wonder if I paid for a gel and got a foam seat. The pictures I’ve seen of each of them look identical. The only difference I could see is about $10 euros.

I like the longer grip in the front of the seat and I don’t miss the thicker foam of the KH design.

Anyone know how to tell the difference between the koxx-one gel and koxx-one non-gel seat?

ive recently been sent to test out a very similar to KOXX 1 (foam) thin style Velo

if you are talking street, it has the best curve and feel, and i would highly recomend it for the street rider apart from one problem… it still has the shittiest plastic and flimsy metal plate in it…

i have been riding it only 4 days (trying lots of things including what did the most damage to it, 360unispins down stair sets) and it has bent downwards, as well as the seatpost, and is starting to flex up and down, with little force used.

the only thing it hasnt got yet is the bolts popping out of the seat… but give it time…

Velo needs to start putting a high-tensile steel into their stiffener plates… if you could call them that i dont care at all about weight… its somehing i can sacrifice at the moment.

plus i also think better seatposts are in order… maybe something Ti

im trying stuff out here but im annoyed that i have to keep fixing up my uni because of it.

I have not had a problem with the seat bending, but I’m pretty easy on my uni.

I finally checked out the koxx one site, looks like the gel has gold on the seat logo, while the foam has red. I got the gold.

Hi Tomsey!

Are you testing a new model of kh seat? Any new brand ok a just a new kh with lower profile??

I agree with you, the stregth is very important actually Im riding with a viscount air ( 1 layer pillow ) saddle with fusion cover and kh handle.

I think is the best convination money - strength - confort.


have you guys tried going through, I know they offer a huge range of Trials parts and are the US distributor for Koxx, but I havent heard anyone trying them for any uni parts.

Why doesnt like them they look koo - That’s where I ordered my Koxx one Gel seat from.

its not a KH…

its the exact same Velo however…

not fusioned, and about 30/35mm thick, with the new grips…

i do a lot of falling off… and in this day and age… usually without feet on pedals. so seats are needing to get stronger

i just think… if i can get a carbon fibre base plate (or something very hard for a stiffener), low profile foam, that comfy grip and possibly something high tensile for a seat post, ill have no worries at all… just gotta let my ankles heal for a little while

why arent these seats mass produced for elite street unicycles…
like the bedford hardcore, or any new and upcoming streetstyle unicycles.

i dont think you could complain about that seat… other than it hurts more when you smash your nuts on it because it doesnt bend…

someone make one and ill buy it

Bedford sells a CF KH base. If you were to get that, a Reeder handle, cut down KH foam, Fusion cover, rear bumper, rail adapter, and alloy bike post, you’d have a light weight, strong seat and post solution.

New grips??

yeah the new grips

you know the ones that have that grill sorta pattern on insides

i think they call it bayleen, like the mouth of a whale

So UDC has jumped on the band wagon, and also produced a Velo Gel Saddle, Check it out

also available from


so everyone has them now except…bummer

if you go back in this thread you will read that UDC was contacted and said they “were not impressed” by them. hopefully that will change soon.

Just for the records, it was me who designed, specified and commisioned Velo over a year ago to produce the narrower gel saddle. It was not take up immediately because of other developments on our plate. Because we were slow at taking production up they offered the design to everyone else.


Sorry Roger, I just assumed Koxx1 designed the gel saddle coz theirs came out first.

Why are the UDC ones cheaper, did you get some sort of a discount for designing them, or are they made of a differant material.

The price difference… I can only guess that it is the branding you are paying for. We don’t get any additional discount, although we do buy quite a lot at a time.

As for quality and materials. The UDC should be stronger than the Koxx due to it having the newer base and it also has the kevlar material on the top so it should be more durable (in manufacturing terms this costs more).