KH Gel Seat

Hey does anyone have the link to that shop selling a Gel Kris Holm seat? It was in some previous thread… any help is appreciated… along with any comments if anyone’s used it. Thanks.

Its actually the Koxx gel saddle. But I don’t know where to get it

This Koxx… is it as quality a seat as the KH?

there’s the thread… searching with “koxx” i found it immediately. k thx.

jeez, i’m posting too much, but…

i was thinking about getting this seat for the kh24 that i’m getting because i thought the gel seat might be more comfortable for longer riding while still maintaining superior kris holm style seat superiority, but what do you think?

hey zach—check your pm’s

i want one of these seats bad! if somone wants to do a group order let me know.

Man that would be great, me too for the group order.


Me too.

45,00 EUR
VAT included

Weird. :slight_smile: I need to get out more (of the country).

ive emailed Darren…if he can get them we save big time on shipping so i’ll start there.

bad news

Darren says hes got to much going on right now and wont be getting any Koxx seats so now its a little harder to figure how we can get some over here without paying out the *** for shipping.

QU-Ax even has KH style seats without gel! look at all those variations! UK has the Koxx-one gel saddle. Maybe USA will be getting it soon. Someone in the US or North America needs to carry the Koxx-one saddles. We want them (unless they turn out to be poorly built).

WOOOOoo pretty colors!

ok ive contacted Roger at and he is going to check out the post office prices on Monday and get back to me.

the problem he raized is a box full of 10 of them would get caught up in customs and import duty fees would apply. on 1 or maybe 2 they would not…

the good news is we wont have to pay the 17.5% UK sales tax.

more on Monday.

whoa, thanks you guys. i’m pretty into getting one of those gel seats. seems like it would be comfy.

A seat like the “KH seat” with gel and less curve to sit down into sounds great. wants $76US plus shipping wants $70US plus shipping “isn’t impressed” with the seat but will offer them in spring.

So I’ve decided to wait and hope the value of the dollar increases to bring a more reasonable price and hear more from those who have used the seat.

did you call them? is that what they said or somthing?

its built the same as a kh seat except for the lower profile.

here you got Koxx1 saddle!


Nice saddle!

I love it for street!!! It is the logical evolution!!