KH gel saddles

ok well i remeber seing that it wasnt posted on UCD any more… but someone still had a working link to the Kris Holm gel saddle… if any one could find a place that sell them i would love you forever…

please hurry cuase iahve to order them tonight…



why dont you just call down there? They prolly have them but not online no more. You could just order one real quick, or do you absolutely have to order them tonight?

yeah i need it now… my mom is freaki g out… so i need the link by tonight


Call them. They’re real helpful.

done and done… this thread can be CLOSED…


How much was the gel seat that you ordered? I have been meaning to pick one up too.

if you go to the normal kh seat it has the option to upgrade it to a kh gel or an airseat

No it doesnt, it only has the air saddle or the fusion option. A fusion isn’t a gel seat.

o damn sorry

if there is still a link i would like to see it too then