KH gel or normal KH saddle

i was wondering if the gel saddle whas less durable or more durable than the normal one. they are the same price. any info appreciated:)


They have the same durability… same cover, same base, different padding. However, the gel seats might be manufactered from a newer batch, simply because there may be old stock of the normal one, and they have gotten more durable over the years with slight modifications.

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ok thx gilby. sorry about bumping, i didnt know we werent aloud to do it

Has anyone even tried out the KH Gel seat? It looks thinner and easier to hold for SIF hops, but is it still fairly soft? Durable?

I think I want one, but how good are they?

Oh yeah, here they are, next to the old ones.

Yep, its thinner, but not more comfortable. Durability should be the same.

I think so too

Kh gel, or UDC gel depending on where you buy it is a great seat. I just bought one and Im loving it.

Much easier to hold, much stiffer and in my opinion more comfortable. I went from a super squishy old style Velo seat which I loved to death to this one and Im impressed. The reduced profile dosent seem to impact comfort at all for me. Also a tad lighter than my old seat and the new style handle rocks. Overall the best seat out there in my opinion. Possible the Koxx one which is similar out does it, but I wouldnt know. Certainely my choice for seat out/street.


mmm, i desperately need a new seat, im starting to do longer trips an it hurts after a pretty short while. atm im thinking bout a KH saddle (not gel) but all this talk bout gel has gotten me excited. where are they the same price? on they are $10 more expensive, but its a present from my bro, an well, im not that greedy.

also are there any other seats i should consider? i would assume the KH one will be the way to go, but just wanna check. i have a viscount one atm.

oh an arking, im in sydney too, where bouts are you? an do u know any good shops round sydney? im in mona vale.

Can I dissect it? I want to take it apart, put on my stiffener plate and reeder handle and then rebuild it (with a fusion cover if needed) The gel is removable like foam, right? This would be no problem?

well i dont kow if i should get. gel kh, fusion kh, or standard kh… money isnt an issue, so which would be best for alround riding, some street trials, and maybe a little distance. i read from some thread gel isnt the best, then here it seems to be the best?,…

What type of riding do you do? Muni, long muni rides, Coker, trials, freestyle, street?

Keep in mind that the KH seats are on a constant upgrade path. Little things get changed for each batch as Kris comes up with better or new ideas to improve the seat.

My preference would be to get one of the Fusion style seats that have a removable cover. The removable cover makes it easy to fiddle with the foam to get it just the way you like it. Replace the plastic seat base with a KH style carbon fiber base. Put the KH foam on, trim it down if you want, slip the Fusion seat cover on and enjoy. Later you can change to whatever the latest improved foam design is. The most recent KH Fusion seats have a thinner dual density foam. The original Fusion seats have a single density foam. The next generation of Fusion seats will likely have an even newer foam design.

When the new seats come out, if you like the new foam you can buy the seat, take out the foam, add it to your deluxe CF Fusion seat and be happy again. An easy upgrade path. It gets expensive, but having a seat that you really like is worth it if you ride alot.

WOO HOO i just ordered a gel kh seat from bedford, right now i am thinking i hope it fits. i have a kh standard on now, so this kh gel one will fit right??

Yeah, it will fit.

So were do you buy gel seats? UDC doesn’t list anything like that.

wow, this thread is OLD… before i hd my torker dx