KH Geared MUni

Is there any news on the new KH geared Muni? I saw models of it at FLUCK but do not see it being advertized on MDC or UDC or in the KHU site. When are the sales going to start? Has anyone actually riden it besides Kris?


…i live close to mister schlumpf, what i remamber he told me they should be for sale in novembre, i haven’t ride one yet…i’ve to bring him my 29" schlumpf next week or so, maybe i can trey a g-muni

Not soon enough. :wink:

Kris just said “hopefully fall” in the KH '08 thread.

…i’ve been tody at Florians (schlumpf) place because i needed something for my schlumpf. i asked him about the kh ones, he told me they should be for sell in decembre 08. he showd me als a prototyp wheel (unfotunately without frame an saddle) so i couldn’t really try…
but they look very nice, looking forward to get one…

December 2008??? I really hope you meant 2007 :thinking:


ups, sorry 2007 is what i meant!!

I will probably be spending a paycheck on the new hub when it comes out. I still have to decide if I am going to put it on a 36 or 29er though.