KH geared 29 - How much longer Kris

Does anyone know how much longer we have to wait for the ultimate ride???

I don’t, but I am also eagerly awaiting this news. Also its likely cost. Since a Schlumph is $2,000, it’d probably be like $2,500 :frowning: :o :astonished: :thinking:

I’m working on it, but I can’t provide $$ or time right now. Mostly because I’ll probably get it wrong. The development process on this has taken way longer than expected.

The instant I can provide a date and a price, I will post the info.


Is the dollar that bad, or has there been a pricing change, or is this just a bit of hyperbole? I thought the regular Schlumpfs are still about $1350-$1500.

Today reports that 1716 Swiss francs (Schlumpf’s price for a complete uni) is $1411. U.S. Add U.S. import duties (probably about $150.) to that for your final price.

On UDC they were $1,500 (I think), but now they are $1,995.

Edit: Way more than $1411 + 150 ish:(
Kris: mid summer, fall, Christmass?

He said that the hub will cost around the same as a shlumpf hub, so around $800? + all the usual KH components (another $500). I’d guess it be around $1300 give or take a few bucks. (I’m hoping!)

Price of Schlumpf went up by something like £200/400$ when the 2nd generation hub came out, I guess to cover the cost of recalling/refitting the first hub batch. I’m not sure whether Schlumpf updated the website. Currently have it listed as £890 / $1746 and .com at $1995