KH Gear Update - 2011

will the new handles fit the CF base?

The new handles fit exactly the same bolt pattern and front saddle frame shape as the old one.


thats awesome :smiley:


Great Job Kris!

Can’t wait to get a new seat and try out the seat posts! I agree with Spencer that you always find things to improve! Thanks!

-Kevin Kartchner

Awesome updates. I might need to get those pedals. The seatpost is one of those things where I thought you had it perfect and then it becomes much better. How can that be?

Anyway I’m interested in the handle extension. Is the use of aerobars with the t-bar officially acknowledged? Discouraged? Lengthening the bar seems to imply commitment to the touring crowd, and I’d have complete confidence in it with the standard configuration. However, having toured with aerobars, I can’t imagine doing any distance again without them, but even at the current length I snapped a t-bar using aeros, and I’m pretty light.

These look great Kris! but are these the only updates for 2011? I need that bumper and the pedals are plastic right?

WOOOOOOOOOOHOO! No more ducctape on the handles! Holes are gone! Kris I LOVE YOU :smiley:

Nice upgrades on all the gear :smiley: Seatposts are looking tasty too :wink:

Congratulations and thanks for all the work :smiley:

I’m so happy that the hole is gone from the handle :smiley: I’m definitely stocking up on those! I appreciate that Kris hears what we say and really takes everything into consideration when he makes new parts.

no more holes in the handle, thanks… but a little late, that happend to me when i did a 540 unispin and had the little finger right in that whole :smiley:

aw =s !!

Ouch! It’s funny - when I designed that original front handle, it really was so early in the sport that this wasn’t something I thought about at all.


Looks great. Lovin’ the new handle. Really the only thing to improve that I can think of for the '12 lineup is lighter cranks.

Thanks for all your hard work Kris!

Thanks Kris! Changes look great. KH FTW!

Thanks Kris. Every year I try to guess what you could possibly improve and you amaze me every time. Keep up the awesome work.

Cool news. :slight_smile: Once they’re out, I’m getting one of those handles, maybe even more. I also like hearing that the seat posts are forged, so no more twisting, yaaaaaaaaaay! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s great. I like your unicycles, but yesterday my KH adjustable seatpost became loose. Waiting for the new one! :slight_smile:

The new products look great!

However, last years K36 is holding up fine. I may need to break it in order to justify a new one. :roll_eyes:

Perhaps I will just upgrade pedals and the seat bumper. :slight_smile:

It looks like you are not jumping on the disk brake bandwagon.

I’m totally for the new handle, it’s always awesome to see improvements to even the seemingly most understated parts!

Apologies if it’s already been answered before, but:

When can we expect all the new 2011 gear to hit stores? (namely UDC UK?) and will the new front handle be available separately as an upgrade to existing KH seats of old?


Hey Kris,

Just some of my thoughts:
-The KH 24" rims are quite weak. I’ve gone through 3 in the last 8 months, and I don’t consider myself a hard rider. I’ve had to switch to the nimbus rim. They flat spot very easily and break at the seam. I never went over 4 ft to flat, it’s just rediculous.
-The maxxis highroller is a far superior tire than the duro. Better sidewalls and grip is fantastic.
-KH unis shouldn’t come with two sets of pedals, or if they do, come with just crappy plastic ones. Pedals are pretty personal: everyone likes their unique set of pedals. Getting two sets of pedals that you don’t want added to the price kinda sucks.
-Ti hubs should come with a disclaimer. They are not made for heavy riders (like 170lbs for me). I have broken two of the old ti flanges off the axel shaft and managed to twist the isis spindle about 10 degrees on the new CF/ti/aluminum hubs. Don’t get me wrong, these are awesome products, they just can’t take the force from larger riders. (This sort of disclaimer is common in the bike community).

Everything else is just awesome though. You’ve created a phenominal product. Loving the new seatbase, handles and seatpost! Thanks for all the improvements!

I reccomend if you don’t like the kh rim then get a try-all rim or a surly rim i think those are quite strong!:wink: