KH Gear Update - 2011

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce a few improvements on the latest batch of KH gear that’s already arrived or will arrive at some point, depending on the country. Here’s a summary:

KH front saddle handle is redesigned: The hole in the top of the front handle is now gone. I also rounded the grip more and the underside ribbing is reshaped. This both improves comfort and also is more secure when gripping the handle slightly to one side, when using a brake. The handle stiffness is also slightly higher, and it now has the correct recycling logo (PP#5) for end-of-life disposal. This completes my (expensive!) multi-year effort to produce a next generation saddle frame, bumper, and handle, so I’m really happy to see it come out. This handle will also be on the Nimbus Gel saddle.

Fusion Street foam is reshaped: I thinned the foam in the back by 10 mm to improve gripping from the side, and the top fabric is now durable stretch nylon (same as the Freeride). This fabric is secure to grip with sweaty hands, and it improves comfort by conforming to the centre cutaway. It also lets you curl your thumb around into the centre groove when holding the saddle on the side. With these changes the Fusion Street also works very well as a distance riding saddle (with a touring handle) and as a muni saddle for anyone wanting a slimmer foam profile. Currently I have it on both my KH20 and KH24.

Longer T-bar touring handle: I increased the length of the slotted tube by 20 mm, and the T-bar by 50 m, to give a 70 mm length increase without a noticeable change in stiffness. This change is getting phased in so might not be available right away. It only really matters if you’re wanting longer extension.

KH24 crown update: The seat tube is now dropped through the fork crown for more seatpost height adjustability. It also drops the seat tube down a bit, for better fit for riders with shorter legs.

Improvement to spoke offsets on the rims: I recalculated the offset distance on the spoke eyelets so they’re better seated on the face of the rims. This should improve spoke durability at the spoke nipple. The 24”, 26” and 29” offsets got a bit narrower; the 19” & 20” are unchanged as their offset also tries to optimize the amount of rim material between the spokes and the drillouts.

Allen bolt update: Minor but useful change – bearing housing bolts have a 5 mm hex head (were 6); part of my goal to reduce the number of tools riders need to carry.

New tire on the KH26: The KH26 now comes with the Maxxis 2.6” Ardent tire. This is an awesome tire: high volume and good sidewall stability at a reasonable weight (1200 g). A few KH26 unis shipped with the 2.3” Stout tire, which is still a very good lighter weight option for more XC and climbing - oriented riders.

New pedals on all KH unicycles: I’ve been riding Wellgo polycarbonate pedals with steel pins for the last while, and I really like them– durable, lightweight, grippy, comfortable, good mud clearing ability, good shape for pedal grabs, good for keeping your feet on the pedal, and comfortable for supporting your feet. The ones on KH unis are a beautiful clear polycarbonate with a blue anodized spindle (visible through the pedal) and blue pins.

And last but not least…

KH seatposts are now completely one-piece hot forged: Both the adjustable and fixed KH seatposts are now one-piece hot forged, with no bond and pin at the top. This completely eliminates the possibility of the top piece twisting in the seatpost.

The adjustable post is one-piece-forged for both the 25.4 and 27.2 sizes. I adjusted the internal tube profile at the top to optimize strength-weight ratio. The fixed post is one-piece forged in the 27.2 mm size. On the fixed post, the plate is now angled up by 3 degrees at the front (was 5), which puts the adjustability in a more useful range. The post-plate join at the top is kept smooth (e.g. no sharp ribs to smack your fingers during flatland riding) and the thicker, butted collar at the post-plate join lets the seatpost be lowered 10 mm further than the previous seatpost.

I hope you like the changes – improving the KH unis is a lot of fun and it’s cool to see these projects finally become available. Depending on the country and what was ordered, not all these changes happen right away – some will arrive now and others probably towards the Spring. Thanks a lot to UDC and also Qu-Ax in Germany for supporting these changes by making them available to dealers.

Attached are a few photos.



Really awesome Kris! It is sooo great how you stick to making improvements each year and post on the forums! Thanks alot for that.

Im happy to see the KH26 now speaked with a wider tire! For anyone wanting a picture of the new KH Pedals heres one:

Loving all the updates!

Nice, love the seatpost, is the new handle exactly the same as the old ones, just with the top piece filled in?
Also, are those pedals going to be available as seperate parts? They sound pretty cool, got any photos?
edit: thanks outdoorjunkie!

I like the changes, thanks Kris. I especially like the front handle redesign- some kids put their fingers in the hole repeatedly and have close calls with getting them stuck in there in a crash.

The Allen bolt update is a good idea too- I’ve got a nice 5mm allen key, and I can never find my 6mm one.

Hopefully one day all the improvements will be so good that you can sell the same parts the next year without making stuff obsolete.


The handle is a completely new mold - not just the top piece filled in. When you hold the current (2010 and earlier) handle, there’s an edge at the bottom of the front face, where the slots start. This has been rounded. On the inside, the slotted face is now vertical instead of slanted. This lets you curl your fingers further around.

Also, when I’m braking, I personally pull up with my last 3 fingers, with the index finger extended to the brake, and with my hand slightly off to the side of the handle. I think a lot of riders do this. On the existing handle there’s not much room for the pinkie finger in this position, because of the angle of the slotted face. The new handle has more room - feels more secure.

At the same time the front handle is no bigger or bulkier on the outside, which is important for trials/street/flatland riding.

I don’t have a good photo of the clear pedals, although UDC New Zealand has a rough photo up here. The photo doesn’t really do justice to how nice these look. No pedal is indestructable by any stretch, but good polycarbonate pedals are becoming more and more common.


Awesome Kris love the updates. keen on upgrading my seat post’s on both my muni and trials, wouldn’t mind the new foam and seat cover either for my trials… Not to sure on the pedals as I’ve had that design before but they were ABD branded and I snapped them doing a drop that was maybe 1.5m high and I snapped the sides where the axel goes in on the sides hard to explain kind of…

sick stoked for the posts n handle.

Nice updates Kris!!
really like it =D (I really would like to have that handle!! ^^)
Also nice that you made the saddle a bit thinner… because I used it in the past and it wasn’t so nice for SIF hops :stuck_out_tongue:
And really good that you changed pedals, I always liked the old ones (oddysees?), but now I have other pedals I find them shit… So I hope this welgo pedals are better :slight_smile:

Good job Kris :wink:

My question about the pedals would be about the bearings. Wellgo sealed-bearing pedals have an unfortunate tendency to self-destruct, as the retaining clip which holds in the bearings is a wimpy piece of metal that eventually dies under the sideways forces we put on pedals. Are these sealed or unsealed bearings?

They’re unsealed. Due to the damage most riders inflict on pedals I’ve never spec’d sealed bearing pedals on the KH unis.

Nice adj seat post upgrade!

They’re unsealed. Which is better in a way. You can always ghetto-fix ball bearings even if they get grindy with a bit of patience and good grease.

EDIT: beaten to it!

at last front handle is changed! I sometimes got my finger stuck in the hole on the top… and it hurts :stuck_out_tongue:


Now theres only one more thing to do. Make the cranks lighter :wink:

Thanks for these equipment updates, Kris. Good to see you continue the evolution of balance!

+1… everything of the KH unies are pretty nice now, but the cranks are still way to heavy ;p

I’ve just clapped eyes on the new KH clear pedals and they are very nice! The plastic is perfectly clear and the blue anodised axle and pins are very cool. I’m gonna stick a pair on my KH24.

Nice to see the street saddle has been thinned down :stuck_out_tongue: also totally agree with lowering the weight of moment cranks

This is exciting, I’m going to buy a bunch of new handles and switch out my old ones.
I’ve been using the stretchy nylon cover and it feels awesome to hold, I feel like I can grip the foam better than with the old leathery one. Everything else looks good too, every year I think that there’s not much left to improve but you always find things :stuck_out_tongue:

wow cant wait to get my KH MUni it will kick everyone elses butt!!!