KH Fusion Zero Saddle

So… Canada had a few zero saddles a week ago, but now all of a sudden they’re gone! Darn it! Should’ve bought one earlier. So I guess I’m relying on either the forums or waiting for a new batch to come in. :slight_smile:

If anyone is wanting to get rid of their zero saddle, I’m interested!


You can order them from Mine ended up being much cheaper than ordering in the US even after shipping. More popular over here? Other than that I have no idea why they ( charge 100 bucks for it when all the other KH saddles are 70…

Thanks!! :slight_smile: I’ll check it out. I assumed it would be more expensive because of shipping!

compulsion cycles has em

It’s expensive because of seeing things on the UK site that aren’t sold here and thinking, “Since I’m already paying for international shipping…”

No they don’t

Thank you for pointing that out juggleaddict, I had missed that they had them in stock. For those wondering about shipping from the UK to US, My experience has been that ships fast and DHL delivers quickly. Takes no longer then within the states. Remember that the UK price listed is reduced about 18% to the US because we do not pay the VAT tax. And now I see that the has improved checkout to show the reduced price and the shipping cost to the US as you check out, so easy.

No worries. : )

I can confirm on the fast shipping. Mine left the UK on Monday and is arriving at my doorstep this afternoon. I’m pretty impressed, even got a text from DHL yesterday evening that gave me a link to shipping options if I want to pick up, and a reminder to leave a note on the door if I can’t be there to sign.

Now ‘Sold Out’ here in the uk :frowning:

wow… “that was quick” seems to be the name of the game with these things. I guess I got incredibly lucky. you can always check the other countries. Or if you’re willing to pay a little more wait for someone to throw one up on the trading post, but from what I’ve seen people are trying to sell them for more than they paid.

got my one from this batch… still it was on sale for around a week so supply is finally catching demand.

I had to order mine from Korea they had it in stock

At the moment, the Zero is back in stock at Compulsion:
Tell Joe “Hi” for me.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:

Or you can ask forum member bouin-bouin to sell his, he keeps complaining about how he hates it! :smiley:

Why not but USA is far and shipping cost probably too expensive