KH Fusion Zero Question

Hi All,

I’ve tuned my Fusion Zero seat and tightened the bolt of the Pivotal seat post using a multi tool (with not having much of a moment).
I tried to be delicate while tightning the bolt, but still applying enough pressure to keep it maximum tightened.

A light metal squeaking sound was heard during the process and although I didn’t see any visual damage, I wanted to know if such event could occur or the Pivotal is strong enough to deal with such cases.


If it’s a new saddle, then the thread fit is probably quite tight. This is a positive, in my opinion. :slight_smile:

A pivotal post can take quite the torque. Most people have trouble getting 5 nm worth of torque with a multitool.

You should be just fine. The metal on metal squeak is probably just a sign that the bolt is dry. I grease most stuff, or loctite it. In the case of a pivotal seatpost… loctite that sucker. The blue stuff so you can get it undone later. : ) You may find that the first time you tighten it down it will work its way into place and for the first week you may have to tighten it once or twice.

tl;dr it’s fine unless you’re superhuman and can overtighten that bolt with a multitool. It’s a 6mm bolt for a reason :wink:

@unibokk, thanks for your comment.
It is indeed new seat post and it’s the 2nd time it was assembled.

@juggleaddict, thanks a lot for your elaborated comment.
I did actually use the blue loctite glue on that bolt in this specific case because I’ve had a bad experience with the old seat post bolts of previous unis which got released no matter how many times I had tightened them after each ride.

I am now starting to use this uni on a daily basis to work; I hope it would be fine.

One more question please:
Can the seat bolt (M10, I think) be taken out and replaced with another in case of need or it is integral part of the seat and cannot be removed?

Yes it can be removed.

Without taking the saddle cover off? I’ve jiggled the bolt around and can’t seem to get it free, and Kris mentioned in another thread that it’s not removable.

Let me back up and say that I was assuming it’d be similar in setup to the Shadow base. I don’t actually own a KH Zero. However, I couldn’t imagine that the seat would be designed in a way that the bolt wouldn’t be removable, that was a poor design choice.

I couldn’t pull bolt either.
My one and only concern regatding this is what would happen if the bolt would fail/ break due to a strong bump of UPD or intensive use.
This is a single point of failure - no backup exists.