KH Fusion Zero, black KH pivotal seatpost, black KH clamp, & purple pivotal seatpost

KH Fusion Zero-has some scuffs on the handle.
Black 27.2mm KH pivotal seatpost. Approximately 21cm fm the bolt hole to the bottom.
Purple 25.4mm Shadow Conspiracy pivotal seatpost. Approximately 19.7cm.
Shim for purple seat post clamp 3.2mm (25.4 to 28.6)
Black brake mount for KH-style saddles

Package deal for $125 plus shipping (all of this should fit into a USPS large box, so shipping would not exceed $20 to the lower 48. If it ended up being less, I’d refund you the difference).

PM me if interested. I might have time to post pics tonight if requested.

Oops. Forgot to mention that I’m also throwing in a new black 27.2mm KH seat post clamp.


Would you sell just the seat and seatpost??

Would you sell just the seat and seatpost??

I would take the brake mount if you split it up.

I’d sell just the seat and seat post if others would be interested in some of the other parts.

Which seat post? Black, purple, or both?

Bump. willing to part out the seat and seat post(s)

How much would you want for the just the seat?


Seat and black seat post sold.

Brake mount sold.