kh fusion street gell sadle-broken!!!

i got my custom street uni about 2 years ago and its been great until about 3 or so months ago i noticed the seat made a slight rattling sound, and me always taking care of my unicycle to keep it in top shape tightened all the screws in the seat, this did nothing but the rattle continued to get worse. so today i unscrewed my seat and had a look, only to find that the metal brace that holds the screws in place had snapped clean in half, just curious if its an isolated thing or have any of you guys had this happen?


Your seat had a really long life!

Don’t worry that’s normal. If you’re doing flip tricks now I suggest to buy a Carbon Fiber seat bease on

It really worth the price!

If you’re just doing basic stuff migh a new seat will work, but will break again, and probably in less tim that the first one!

There are tons of threads about Carbon Fiber seat bases, includind the carbon fiber discussion thread.

I wish that my plastic base lat for 2 years! My last one I broke in less than 2 hours :stuck_out_tongue:

A tip: Search a bit more before posting, there are many threads abou that subject!

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or you could weld another plate on top of the one that broke… and save about $90

oo i have broken- 1 kris holm seat
-2 qu-ax seat
all my seats are broken :angry:
but i go to in the vacation

I have a fusion street, and I am not the best rider (trick-wise), would I need to worry about getting a carbon base at this stage?

I don’t think so. Normally you need one once you break it, but with Heith thing changes cause took 2 years to brake this first one, and we don’t know exactly what he’s doing…

I broke two seat before getting my Carbon fiber base.

If you’re planning to upgrade you uni, a carbon fiber base is something you should consider, i have a looooong life :wink:

Skrobo, your solution works well, but you can’t say that it SAVES 90 bucks, cause a carbon fiber is lighter and more durable than your mod. If you can’t spend 90 bucks skrobo mod will work fine :wink: It only add some weight, but you’ll not notice it :wink: