KH Fusion Slim

I wasnt too sure if i would really like this new seat but i got it about 3 days a go and i am in love with it! I’d say in some parts its thinner than the koxx one saddles (Up near the top of the handle on both sides it is thinner but in the middle of the seat i would say its the same thickness). And don’t even get me started about the handle… Kris did a great job reshaping the grip of it (Now you can sorta wrap your fingers around it and really get a good pull on the seat when you go to jump) plus you don’t get your fingers stuck. Any flatlanders thinking about getting a new seat i would highly suggest the KH slim!

Good to hear that it’s as good as it looks!

i am going to buy a kh slim or a carbon fibre base cause my plastic base is broken=) ive got a kh fusion street 08 saddle now

I’m fond of slim seats so I look forward to trying yours the next time we meet!

I’m thinking of getting one for freestyle. I have problems pulling the fusion/street out from between my legs and I don’t want to lower the seat any further.

Does a less bulky seat make that easier?

I dont think that slim saddles makes it easyer to pull out the seat but it makes it easyer to hold it.

So it’s as wide as the street?

Do anyone can compare KH Slim and Naomi Impact for mix of trial, street/flat?

I must buy seatpost and saddle and dunno what choose. (i broke my KH Street 2nd time oO does Naomi break that often?)

I dont have money for CF base, so dont post it.

Sorry for ENG, all the best
Michal from Poland :slight_smile:

The naomi uses the plastic velo base, it will probably break just as easily as the KH, unfortunately the CF base is what you really need, if you keep breaking seats it will be worth it. :slight_smile:

I am pretty sure. next time i am in the ajata warehouse i can check it to be 100% sure.

The new kris holm is stronger because it has a reinforced new shaped plate the naomi still uses the old plate.

I read Kris’ introduction of the 2011 seats again and he says they are as wide. The only difference is that the slim is thinner in the middle.

So the comparison I need is differences between the 2011 slim and the 2010 fusion/street saddle.

I order my stuff from Ajata and I’d love to see your warehouse one day. :smiley:

stronger KH? OK

i am not that rich to buy CF base (i hope now only :P)

but what about the rest of specification of this saddles? what about comfort in trial/street/flat/riding and anything other what is important in saddles?

just compare naomi and KH on all levels u know are important for rider

I personally ride a custom miyata saddle with sw handles and a cf base and think its awesome. it is super comfy and way easier to grab seat in and out compared to the kh street saddle i find.

however if you dont have the money for a cf base maybe you should get the kh seat with the kh reinforcement plate. it’ll make the seat heavier but it should help you stop breaking it and make it a bit stiffer.

here is a link to the plate

i personally dont have any experience with impact stuff since you still can’t get it in canada, however judging my the number of people riding them in competition videos (like the euc videos) i’d say they must be a pretty decent saddle.

hope this helps

Trust me… you dont need the reinforcement plate if you get the new KH seat. I use to brake the old Velo bases all the time, once a month, and now ive got Kris’s new design and havent broken it for the 2 months or so ive had it. Its way stiffer and doesnt bend. Plus the slimness is a bonus

omg i asked about kh slim vs naomi impact

i just know it is durable, ok

but which is better cause don’t know which should i buy
i ask about all specification, not only durability

I’ll sum that up for you…

What else do you need? Those are all the specs you should be caring about if you want a Street/Trials seat. Durable, Stiff, and easy to hold.

ehh i need direct comparison of this two saddles cause they are booth slim, durable (just know KH a little more), and have handles ( KH have better(?) )

but small differences of this saddles can make one of them better. i wanna buy new saddle and cant choose which one should i get

a lot of riders ride on naomi, but kh slim is way younger. you quote description of KH but there are not written is it better than naomi cause of this characteristics

i just wanna be sure that when i buy KH/Impact it was better choose than KH/Impact :wink:

The KH handle has no hole in it. This makes it safer because you can’t get your fingers caught in it.

The KH seat foam has a groove running down the center which makes it more comfortable to sit on as well as hold because you can put your thumb in the groove. The KH seatbase also has a bigger lip running around the bottom of the saddle which makes it more solid to grip because you can curl your fingers around it.

Both have removable covers that can be taken on and off.

As others have said, the KH seatbase is far stronger than the Naomi seatbase. You also have the option of adding an external stiffener plate for extra strength and stiffness with the KH.

u simply say that KH is BETTER than Impact or u just wrote for me it what i just read about 10 times? xD

I think your actually asking a stupid question. its a riders preference not one is better than another for everyone. YOU have to choose which one you wanna buy after reading about each saddle and comparing them YOURSELF. So pretty much everyone else has summed up the details on each saddle why dont you pick one now and try to for your self?