Kh Fusion saddle?

okay so I ordered my united w/ profile hub and crankset and I also ordered the kris holms fusion saddle…is that kinda like the miyata style? skinnier or is it the Lx saddle?

its the KH saddle…not the miyata and not the lx…its the KH! it looks like a regualr kh but it has a removable seat cover rather than a stapled one.

I’ve got a Fusion. I can’t feel any difference in it and my 3 year old KH seat except for a fatter handle. The seat cover comes off if you ever want to upgrade to an airseat, but the basic Fusion feels exactly the same to me.

what makes it a fusion is the seat cover, thats about it. the only difference is that the seat cover is removeable.

oh that blows…does anyone know were I can get a miyata saddle?..cuz I can’t find them anywere!

The padding of the newer fusions has 2 components and its much more softer, there is no need to go for a gel one, the padding its also a little bit lower and the metalic baseplate its thicker.