KH Fusion Saddle

When exactly did this come out and what are people’s impressions of it?
Are there any good close up galleries?

im really sorry if this sounds rude but there have been about a million threads about the kh fusion saddles…so pleas klik the search button

klik me

I’m ordering one for my big muni upgrade. I should have it in two weeks maybe, and I’ll get heaps of detailed pics then. I only read about them a few days ago…before then I’d just assumed they weren’t anything special and never looked any further. How foolish I was, they’re brilliant!

I spoke to Tony Melton last night about them and he likes them. One thing he mentioned which is nice is that the new handle is a little thicker where your fingers wrap around so you’re actually grabbing onto something. They’re also a nice material apparently which shouldn’t rip too easily.


they are cool, at first i thought that the handle would be uncomfortable, but it’s awesome. then i converted it to an airseat and its even better :smiley:

There hasn’t been much written about the KH Fusion saddle yet so a search of past messages for the word “fusion” doesn’t turn up much useful info. There hasn’t been a post yet that all the differences in the Fusion saddle compared to the past KH saddles. All we’ve got is bits and pieces of info about the new saddle scattered about in different threads. UK has a description of the KH Fusion saddle
Kris has a description of his saddles in the unicycle catalog at USA lumps the new Fusion saddle in with the catalog item for the older KH saddle. That’s a bit confusing and does not highlight the differences between the older KH saddle and the newer Fusion, other than saying the Fusion has a removable seat cover.

But neither site explains the differences between the Fusion saddle compared to the older saddles. They mention the Fusion has a removable seat cover, but other than that the info on design changes is pretty sparse.

I don’t know what all is different between the older KH saddle and the new Fusion saddle. Most of what I know is from talking to Kris at the California Muni Weekend about the new saddle and that was very brief and based on a prototype saddle and not the final version.

Here’s what I know about the new Fusion saddle:

New handle design. It’s thicker and more rounded where your fingers wrap around. You can see the new handle in the picture at Confusingly, the picture of the Fusion saddle at UK shows the old handle. The new KH style saddles from Torker and other suppliers are also coming with the new handle design.

The Fusion saddle is a little bit narrower up front (the nose of the saddle). That is to reduce leg rubbing and chafing while pedaling. I’m not sure how much narrower. I think it’s only a few mm, maybe 5 mm or so. Is the plastic saddle base actually narrower is it just the foam that is narrower? I don’t know.

I think there has been some beefing up internally in the saddle to make it stiffer. This may be a stronger metal stiffener plate inside the saddle. But I don’t know. Someone will have to take a Fusion saddle apart and take pictures so we can see. Hopefully by someone who has taken an older KH saddle apart and can compare.

The density of the padding may also have changed. Kris mentioned that it was going to be softer. I don’t know if the production version actually is softer or how much softer.

Other differences? I don’t know.

There are still plenty of questions that haven’t been answered yet about what’s all new and improved in the KH Fusion saddle. It is certainly worthy of a new thread to get the conversation going and hopefully get some answers.

KH Fusion

My mate Pebbles has a Fusion saddle on his KH20, he’s had the uni for about 6 months, I’ve got an Onza with KH saddle.

The differences we’ve noticed:

Fusion front is narrower,
Fusion Material is tougher,
Can’t feel a difference in foam thickness,
Fusion has a fair creak to it and bends quite a bit.

New Fusion handles make the most difference. You don’t get sore fingers after a while anymore, and you get a better grip. I bought replacement handle for other uni cos they’re that good.

I would say if your saddle is all beat up and ripped/scuffed but the foam and base are fine, get a fusion cover and a new handle. And if the saddle isn’t damaged, get a new handle anyway!


I rode a KH for about a week while I was waiting for my Fusion to show up. I don’t remember much, but I could probably borrow the seat from my friend again and do a side by side comparo or something. The handle is the one thing I can remember really well. The Fusion handle is so much better than the KH handle.

Is the fusion handle different from the handle on the new versions of the normal KH seats?

They have a handle that’s thicker at the front bit where your fingers go. It feels much better than the old kh handle.

If they’re the same then the only obvious difference would be the removeable cover, which I’d guess is worth the £3 difference anyway.


On the KH website it says about the KH seat “available with a normal or removable (fusion) cover”. That kind of implies the cover is the only difference.


yes the handle is much different its much more comfortable

So is it different to the one in the picture on
then, which appears to be the handle on the newest KH seats (I got mine in December), I’ve got one on my coker and it looks exactly like that.

This is the handle I’ve got

What’s different about it? Is it even more more thick than that one, or are the little ridges filled in or something?


The saddle you have is the Fusion. Your seatcover is removable and has laces right? The handle on the original KH didn’t have the ridges, and was much less comfortable because of it.

Nope. On mine, the handle has ridges, seat cover isn’t removeable doesn’t have laces. I just looked at it now. It doesn’t say fusion on the back like the fusion ones do either.

I’d guess that have both types of normal kh seat at the moment (old and new) and are giving people random ones until they run out of the old kh seats, which may be why people don’t have the new handle. It worked like that with the first generation ones definately.


Yeah, that’s the Fusion handle you have there. I don’t know about the rest of the seat. Maybe a hybrid of KH and Fusion?

On (USA) you can’t buy a “Fusion Saddle” but you can buy the cover, but, when you choose a KH saddle, it says you can have a removable cover for an extra 15$ is the removable cover the fusion cover? I’m assuming it is, but then it might be a third party removable cover for the KH Saddle, and I’d really like the real thing.

Straight off of’s description of the KH saddle:

-Thick closed-cell foam padding with the correct density for comfort plus support
-Strongest, most durable saddle cover material available
-Internal reinforcement plate for stiffness and strength
-Available with fixed or removable b[/b] saddle covers

Yes, the cover is an option. I guess when we have been saying the ‘Fusion saddle,’ that means the KH seat with the optional Fusion cover. USA really needs to put the Fusion saddle in its own product catagory rather than lumping it in with the older KH saddle. The way they have it listed makes it appear to be the same seat just with a removable seat cover.

The Fusion saddle is more than just a removable seat cover. The shape of the seat is different (narrower up front) and other differences.

Oh. I thought the ‘narrower seat’ part was the newer KH style as opposed to the old one.

I give up… :thinking:

You’re not the only one confused. I’m not completely sure what’s going on either.
It’s possible that the old style KH seats with the stapled on seat cover will also get the new narrower shape. The Torker style and Velo style seats may also get the same updated shape. But any old stock KH seats are going to have the old wider shape.

Kris only controls the design and construction of the seats that get his signature. Those are the real KH seats. Companies like Torker and Velo also make similar saddles but they may use different materials to either keep costs down or for style reasons. So there are many variations of the KH saddle out there. Some may have the old shape and some may have the new narrower shape.