KH fusion saddle cover broken

I ordered a KH fusion saddle cover off UDC. I put it on a started to tighten the strings and the part where the string goes through broke even befor the saddle was properly on. Are all of them this weak?

i had no problem with mine…

I must have a defect them

Yours must be defective. Contact UDC and they’ll replace it, I’m sure.

The only problem I find with mine is the cloth part near the back bumper. It wore down very quickly, so the foam inside started showing. I sawed it up, but that won’t last very long. Funny how it’s got some super-strong kevlar reinforcement, but some parts are really shabby.

yeah i made mine really tight and they seem to be holding up fine

(well, not too tight)

I’ll send them an email on suday so it’ll reach them by monday.

edit: i just looked at the other side and the same is begining to happen there.

has this happened to anybody else/ is there anything I coiuld have done wrong?

I have 2 of them. i use them …
the elastic on one of them is torn, but not that part.I tighten it pretty good.

Does yours have anything to stop tearing( i.e. plastic tubing)?

Well I have the bust one here anybody have any ideas on how to fix it and renforce it?

When I got my freestyle uni last year from UDC it was starting to tear at that point as well. I emailed UDC right away and they sent along a spare for when the original one gave out.

kl, I’ll email them tomorrow. I hear there good with this sort of thing so i’m not too worried.

Funny, I was just going to put a post up about this issue myself. I have a fusion cover on a KH saddle that was converted into an air saddle before I bought it from UDC. It has done the same thing, tearing, etc. And the inner tube that creates the air saddle does not want to behave in there…it keeps shifting around. Has anyone had a problem with air saddles and the KH fusion cover? Mine’s “all tored up” - I probably should contact UDC as well.

Thanks for posting,

maby we should ask kris