KH Fusion Saddle air conversion - ripping

Hi, everyone…

I responded to a thread recently about how KH Fusion saddle covers rip. I just wanted to ask if anyone has experienced that with an air saddle conversion purchased from UDC (please see attached photos). The inner tube doesn’t stay in place and, of course, the laces are ripping the saddle cover. I’ve worked with it some, but before I do any major surgery, I wanted to write. I appreciate any words of wisdom. :roll_eyes:


Funky Seat.JPE.jpg

Ripping laces.JPE.jpg

The style of air seat done by UDC is floppy. You can make it less floppy by sewing the dogbone air pillow in half and using a smaller tube in only one half of the air pillow and foam for the other half. Or sew the two halves together so they don’t flop and keep the double-thick air tube style.

The seat cover doesn’t need to be tied tight. It doesn’t even need to be tied at all. I use an air seat on my muni that has a Fusion seat cover. I completely removed the tie string. Course, I’m also using a single hight air pillow with foam on top. The handle and rear bumper will keep the seat cover in place well enough.

See my Airseat gallery for info on the single height air pillow version with foam on top.

An excellent gallery of air seats, John! Thanks for the advice.