KH Fusion Freeride Saddle

I’ve been riding with a KH Fusion Freeride saddle for a couple of weeks now. It replaces the stock saddle on my 24" Sun classic unicycle. I’ve been riding for a couple of months and have been curious about comfy saddles with handles.

When I first got the KH Fusion Freeride it seemed really comfortable with the soft padding and different profile. I do tend to wobble a bit more with the Freeride but that’s getting better as I get more weight off the pedals and into the saddle.

The past couple of days I’ve noticed that the non vinyl part of the seat is rubbing against my shorts/pants. My Sun saddle didn’t do this because the main seat is made out of dense molded foam with a smooth surface, at least smoother than the non vinyl part of the Fusion Freeride. I wish the whole saddle cover was made of vinyl or better yet leather.

Updates on how you feel about it? Likes, dislikes, value?


I do bring up this post to see the pictures :slight_smile:

Pictures of the saddle are shown on

These days I’ve been riding a KH Street saddle that came with my Oracle 29er road unicycle. It’s a little bit thinner than the Freeride but still comfortable.

To get around the problem of rubbing I found some pants made out of slick durable fabric and wear bike shorts underneath.

Since I wrote this I acquired a unicycle with a Nimbus saddle and only rode with that saddle once before switching it with the Freeride. I prefer KH saddles over the Nimbus.

Just got a KH freeride today went to fit and found the 2 front post bolts only go in about 3 turns and stop leaving about 4mm of bolt above the post has anyone come across this before.thanks David

I once had a KH Seat (never really used it for riding) and had to re-cut all the treads … Not a big thing.