KH Fusion Freeride Saddle 2009 for street/flat riding?

I decided to check out and they have recently just got in the brand new kh saddles. Reading the description gave me the impression that these saddles were a whole lot better than the previous fusion saddles. So I have some questions to those who use it for street/flat.

How much different does holding it like you would when doing a unispin feel compared to holding the previous saddle?

Do you think the new design will strengthen the weld at the seatpost so the weld doesn’t break as often?

Is it worth it paying $80 to get it even though I have an existing KH saddle?

What does the new material on the outside feel like? (the nylon)

Umm, I’m not sure if you are aware, but the fusion freeride is for Endurance/MUni. I tried the 07/08 Freeride saddle on my trials. It was awful. I would seriously recommend waiting for the Fusion Street saddle to come out, as that is the one made for street/flat/trials riding. Plus, I have heard that the rear rounded bumper is supposed to be much better.
I hope this helps.

EDIT: By the way, I do actually have the 2009 Fusion Freeride, and in comparison to the older model (07/08) I think it is a brilliant improvement. The contour is much deeper, the foam is more squidgy, and the top of the saddle is a stretchy, almost elastic material, that is quick drying and comfy. But still, like I said before, I think you want the Fusion Street


Thanks that does help. The Freeride looked so much like the fusion street gel. :wink: