KH Fusion cover + KH handles on Miyata style base

I’m in the process of fitting a 2007 Fusion cover to a Miyata style CF base. Anyone else that’s done this before have any tips? What did you do to make it fit?

I can get the cover on the base, but it goes over the bolts and makes it hard to get the handles on. Also, I’m not sure how the foam affects it, is it easier to use KH foam, or Miyata foam? I’m not sure which fits best… Obviously it would have to be cut down KH foam though.
I think since the Miyata style foam (actually I’m using LX seat foam) is longer, it pushes on the front of the cover more…

What did you use?

Well, my cf derail base is very close to the miyata design, is not the same, according to S. Wallis, and my fusion cover fits, albeit rather snugly. But I just make my own covers now anyway, which I greatly prefer.:slight_smile:

Yup, that’s exactly what I’ve got. Sort of.

It’s the Gem Crest base (Pretty sure it’s based on the Miyata dimensions), with Miyata handles and KH Fusion cover.

I don’t know for sure where the foam originally in the seat came from when I got the seat (it had Miyata cover then too), but there was a layer of coarse chunky lump foam at the bottom, and a softer smoother layer at the top. I kept the bottom chunky layer, and cut the top 1 1/4" off of the KH foam to use with a hacksaw blade.

It’s very comfy considering the Frankenstein make up of it, however for distance riding, I still prefer my Nimbus Gel saddle.