KH Fusion Broken?

My seat is making a clicking sound when I pedal. It sounds like it is coming from hub but I can feel the click when I grab the handle. I’m pretty sure the the hub and cranks are tight enough, could it be coming from the seat? I tightened the connection when the seat post grabs the seat and the nuts that seem to hold the seat together.

Any ideas? thanks.

check the bolts holding the handle on. just a chance, but you never know . . .

That happend one my torker dx. So what i did was put washers under the bolts and tighten them up and it hasent done it sence.
Hope this helped

tighten everything you possibly can…you might not figure out what the clicking noise was, but if you tighten everything, then it’ll stop

Since you have a Fusion, pull the seat apart and check the metal plate inside. It might not be making the noise, but it’s probably broken anyway.


just be sure not to over-tighten the nuts…