KH Fusion Air Saddle, Regular KH Fusion or comparable comfy seat...

I am a newbie and playing with different types of seats. I have big thighs and my 09 nimbus gel seat seems a little wide and not at all comfy (I am used to horribly uncomfortable but light road bike seats and long rides so it’s not just that I need to spend more time on the seat).

I’m thinking air cusion and maybe even playing with a KH Fusion seat.

What do you have??? Ideas?

A uni seat is not hitting in the same places as a bike seat so your deadened nerves from sitting on your ‘sit bones’ on a bike seat is not much help, so yes more seat time will help. Most people fight seat chafe in the early days of riding. What helps me is to wear bike shores with those long basketball shorts over them. The material of the basketball shorts slides very easy against the bike shorts. Also try tilting your seat up in the front (nose high) this will put your sit bones more on the wide part of the seat and move the narrower part of seat more where your thighs are. I don’t know about the 2009 nimbus gel seat but some have removed the cover of their seats and made them narrower by cutting down the foam. A search should bring up some hits on it.

I don’t have the newest Fusion Freeride, but when I compare my older Fusion is narrower than my newer Fusion Freeride. I made it more comfy by cutting a channel in it like the one on my freeride, and I find it just right. I tried an air saddle for a bit and I didn’t like it at all. I made it myself and I probably could have done a better job, but I didn’t like the way it felt.