kH fusion 1 saddle. Pros and cons

So currently, I have a nimbus gel saddle and whenever I ride my unicycle(it’s a nimbus oracle 27.5), the inside of my quads get chafed. I was wondering if that also happens with the kh fusion seat. If anyone rides with this seat, please let me know cause I’m debating on getting one but I just wanna make sure I know as much information as possible so I know what I’m getting myself into.

Well, I haven’t tried the new Fusion One, but I did try the predecessor, the Fusion Zero.

First, note that saddles and saddle comfort are very subjective and differ widely.

That taken I did not like the Zero. Both the Zero and the One seem to be designed to ride with a T-bar and I don’t like riding with any handlebar for muni (I crash and UPD a lot on technical DH trails and don’t want anything extra on which to hurt myself). As far as I know, only a few people are able to ride the Zero without an extra handle. I sold mine about a month ago.

In addition, I would say, the Zero/One is a totally different saddle that riders either love or hate, but you basically have to try it.

If your main problem is chafing, then maybe consider a thinner saddle like the KH Fusion slim or QX Eleven? I personally haven’t had much issue with chafing but more with general comfort and I prefer the 2 KH Fusion Freeride saddles (old and new) to the 2 Nimbus saddles I have. Note that I also haven’t tried the QX Eleven, which I was told is kind of a step between the Fusion and Zero/One: “The QX-series eleven is basing on the KH Fusion saddles but has a slightly different shape (less wide in the middle).”.

I have the zero on my muni with a short handle bar, and the one on my 36 with just the stock handle. Both will feel like you have less control at first because the saddle isn’t scooped like a regular saddle. But I soon got used to it and love them both. The one is my favorite since it is softer than the zero.

I prefer slim saddles so these are perfect for me. Your mileage may vary.

I’ve put a few thousand KM on my KH fusion 1. It is the best saddle I’ve used, but still not a solution to perineum pain and some pressure on sit bones.

The narrow width is great and I have very little chafing. The centre cut away does help somewhat, but would need to be wider to reduce pressure more. I use a T-bar and have experimented with so many T-bar lengths and saddle angles, but each setting has its pros and cons. Without a T-Bar, the saddle is still OK, but not enough support, by designed I assume.

I have mine set on position #3, the second steepest angle. Would like a position 3.5 but the adjustment system is not fine enough. The rear of the saddle is quite small so it can be hard to get your bum on properly, and mine is not that big (so I’m told), so the edge of the saddle can dig into your checks/sit bones.

As others say, you just have to try. Everyone needs something different. And try for a while as there are some many small parameters that can make a difference and you need to allow yourself to adjust to a rather different saddle.

Sure it costs money to experiment, but I would pay that 10 times over to have a perfect saddle that I don’t need to get off every hour, or less.

Fusion One Pro: It’s not the Zero.
The One came after the Zero, and most seem to prefer it, between the two. The Zero was discontinued in favor of the One. I have one that I’m willing to sell :slight_smile:

Saddle comfort is very personal, because we all have different crotch structures. Also we have different ways of riding. I got my Zero along with my new KH 26 in 2016. I planned to put it on my Road uni later. Didn’t like it on the muni at all, but I also don’t use a handle on the muni. Yet.

Then I got the one, and have been giving it a very long break-in period. For me, it seems to get better the more I ride. If I ride frequently enough and long enough. I believe it’s the right approach for long rides; supporting the sit bones without too much padding to cause numbness elsewhere. But it assumes a certain set of sit bone dimensions, and if your dimensions are different, it may not work. So I still haven’t decided to by another new saddle (like the Freeride) and try that.

You described chafing on your quads, which I don’t think is anatomically possible, but I definitely know the area you’re talking about. So what you probably want is something narrower. That is, not as wide from side to side. Not sure which models are the narrowest, but others on here should be able to offer comparisons or dimensions. Try the Fusion One if you spend lots of time in the saddle, on lots of days. I think if I had more chances to be out riding, I’d like mine better. :slight_smile:

If you’re not using biking shorts then that could be contributing to your chaffing.
Get rid of the regular underwear in exchange for smooth padded biking shorts underwear.


Ive gained some weight lately so my thighs are thicker. This also gives more chafing and numbness. Im hoping it will stimulate me to eat less junkfood and sweets.:slight_smile:

I haven’t tried the Fusion One, but I have ~3700km on my Fusion Zero, which I understand is pretty similar. If you want to avoid chafing then these saddles are good. I also have a Nimbus Gel and a Nimbus Stadium, both of which feel far too wide in their waist section after getting used to the Zero. Curvature and firmness aside, I find them unpleasant to ride now due to the chafing you describe.

Note that I do use it with a handlebar. As others have said, without a bar it isn’t so great.

On an unrelated note, my Zero is actually much softer than my Stadium. Maybe time and sweat have broken the foam down somewhat? I’m curious to try a One, but I wonder if it wouldn’t actually be firmer than my broken-in Zero.