KH from AEBike

I found KH 20 on - the offer is so great that i am a little bit suspicious :slight_smile:
Did someone buy this uni from them recently?

A search for “aebike” would have found this:

The search function is your friend.


I bought a KH Moment hub from Aebike several weeks ago without issue. No flaws, no problems.

I got my KH20 from AEbikes a few weeks ago. No problems what so ever. :slight_smile:

I got my kh24 from them. They are great!


This thread tells not much - several posts that aebike is a scam… (Kh20, Kh29)
Do they have KH 20 on stock right now? I found no info on the website and they do not respond to emails…
Too risky business, i guess. Maybe better stick with UDC and go for Qu-ax MDC edition…?

Scam? That site is no where near a scam.

The KH20 is in stock. I am on the site right now looking at it and all its beauty.

You should try calling them for a quicker respone. E-mail take longer. Sometimes I have had to wait about amonth for an e-mail to come back, and by then I forgot why I e-mailed the people in the first place. lol. Calling is a lot more direct and quicker.

I would order from here. They hve really cheap shipping, and its quick, and you save about 200 dollars.


Might be, might be. I`ll just have to recalculate the time difference (Poland here :slight_smile: )

I’ll let you know Thursday !

I ordered a KH 20 last week.:smiley: They are a few days slower then UDC in shipping the thing, finally got my tracking # Friday. Since they charge less for shipping and a whopping 140 $ less for the uni, I can wait. This isn’t pizza. UPS says it will come the 17th.
Thanks guys !:slight_smile: Without the positive forum feedback I would have thought "if it sounds to good to be true "… :astonished:

I sent them an email about whether it was the latest KH or not and they responded within three hours…

They have responded to me every time (but not always imediatley)

they are great!

its legit, weird shipping though
you’ll get your stuff, don’t worry about it if you do order from them.

If you are in Poland I am not sure how much savings you would actually get over UDC once you factor in shipping, taxes and duties/border fees.

Just something to keep in mind


Well, shipping is about 30$ but im not sure how long will it take... For the same price i could get Qu-ax muni 20 MDC edition in UDC - the shipping would take approx. 2-4 days. I already got my KH 24 from UDC and there was no problem so .... i dont know what to do :slight_smile:

I made an order with AEBike, for the KH29er, made an order for some extras with UDC the same day. The AEBIke order arrived 2 or 3 days earlier.

Too bad

I just got answer from Alfred - they won`t ship to Poland -
“Sorry, we cannot ship these overseas. They are too bulky.”

Daaaamn :slight_smile:
I think i`ll go for the Koxx Devil with 350mm seatpost, just wonder if it will be long enough for me (195 cm).
Right now i ride KH 24 with 90 cm gap between pedals and saddle.
For sure in trials the gap will be smaller but still…

:astonished: noooooooooo it’s not!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! :astonished: :astonished:

omg ur stupid just buy the better uni and wait 4 more days and have a better one forever

get THE KH!!!
dude, you WILL NOT regret it!!!

Ya know, I was all set to defend your right to make a new thread instead of searching, and then you have to go and be silly and pretend you don’t know how to read…damn…I just can’t find anyone worthy of my supermanesque powers of defense, lately. :slight_smile: