KH Freestyle unicycle

Has anyone ever made one?
Kris, do you have any ideas about it?
They make some of the best stock trials and muni cycles to date.
Why not freestyle? I bet they would be good.



You can build a KH freestyle uni… Kris just released 110mm cranks and the long neck will fit well any freestyle wheelset (42mm bearings).

May you’ll have a big tire clearance, but I think that it would work well…

Emile built his freestyle whell on the KH frame and liked it! I thinking in doing the same…

A KH freestyle unicycle would really be sweet!

It would require some modifications though. 110mm cranks are far to long for freestyle. Since it would be an upper-class freestyle I think 90mm would be a good choice. A slightly modified lighter moment design with maybe a little less q-factor would be cool.
I have no idea how large the tire clearance of the longneck frame with a freestyle wheel with a 2.1 inch tire would be. Would be also nice if the frame crown was a little wider, maybe by just keeping the tubing straight right up to the crown.

Having these two parts would be great. One could then build a good freestyle wheel using the Qu-ax hub with 48 spokes. Then combine it with the Qu-ax reinforced seatpost (I heard the new KH still breaks pretty quick) and a CF seatbase plus Qu-ax freestyle bumpers.

Currently the two parts most missing for great freestyle unis are light and strong 90mm cranks and a lightweight freestyle frame (please don’t mention the overpriced junk that Koxx is selling).

However, I understand that Kris already is fully occupied by working on the trial/street/Muni stuff. :frowning:

Yeah KHU main market is Off Road and Street, but we still can build the uni with avaliable parts!

The QU-AX seatpost brakes pretty easily too… Hugo broke two in a short time!

The 110 cranks are Ok I think. I saw many unis at denmark with 112mm cranks! Maybe 90mm are better but I think that 110 is ok.

Emile’s uni:

Freestyle guys, give your opinion!

I am only an ex freestyle guy but I think too that 110mm cranks are to long 100mm and 90mm is the way to go for freestyle. I also think that the frame clearance makes a big difference especialy for standup gliding tricks where you have to stand on frame and tire on the same time. Nikos sugestion are realy good and the only thing i would at is that it is better to use 22m seatpost because you have more place to stand on the frame then (but also less seatpost choices).

Yeah, 100mm or 90mm is best.

The frame does have a BIT to much clearance. This would probably get in the way most on the sides though, not the top.

If there is too much clearance, use bigger tires :wink:

It is true that people use 110 for Freestyle, but I thing the better you get the more comfortable you are with short cranks. Once you get used to short cranks there is really no way back - pedaling would feel so painfully unsmooth :o.

What Lutz said is true, but to keep it simple it would not be too bad to keep the larger tubing. The tire clearance is quite an issue, from looking at the picture it seems that it is far too large for some tricks. A wider 2.1 tire would help a little (the one in the picture is the 1.95 Kikzumbut?).

The ultimate verdict on the new KH post is probably still out, but a first breakage report seems to indicate that the Qu-ax one is still stronger. And I already broke many steel seatposts doing freestyle (e.g. slamming the seat into the ground during standup tricks). I even partly broke my CF seatbase! (o.k., maybe I’m just fat and clumsy :()
Anyway, I guess the seatpost issue is not so critical.

There used to be a KH freestyle uni, but it wasn’t too successful. From what I hear people bought it and wanted KH durability and ended up breaking them and complaining. Plus Kris wanted to focus on disciplines he was interested in, so it was dropped from his line of unis.

Even with the 08?
hm…I’ve been getting tired of replacing griptape on my frame (ok, I’ve only had to redo it once:p) and was starting to like the KH for some kinds of freestyle.
I would at least like to try it out.

Cranks: 110mms aren’t really good for much except a distance uni. Kris is probably hoping for the main market to be in his new 36ers. I’m riding 114mm cranks on my freestyle right now, and they’re too short for flatland (for me, I lose control completely on occasion with them), way too short for street, and too long for me to do even basic freestyle comfortably.

Don’t say it’s because I’m not used to them, I’ve been riding this setup for a month, and they did make transitions out of stand up ww a bit easier.

The 89mms were just a bit too short, as I’ve said elsewhere. I rode them for the majority of the summer and mostly they were great, but I’d like some just a bit longer–95-96mm or so would be great.
I’ll probably switch back to the 89mm cranks when my ankle heals up.

I reckon a KH freestyle would be sick! I think that the KH unicycles lead their classes so a freestyle would be awesome! I would definately want to invest in one, why does Kris not make one?, is there just not the market or what?

it’d be a neat design imo.

to the people about cranks-

seriously guys, way to go about being picky. 110 being too long compared to 100 and 90. Thats less than in inch from 90-110, and about a third of an inch from 100 to 110.

to that i say, get used to it. Seriously. its not like its a 5 inch difference, so seriously, just harden the frick up.

And an inch isn’t much of a difference? I wonder how you’d feel about your nose being an inch further in…

And an inch isn’t significant? I wonder how you’d feel about your nose being punched in an inch further…

20mm isn’t much? This is such bullshit. Why don’t you try riding trials on 120s.

No kidding. haha. I mean, thats only 25cm from 145. Close enough. Not gonna effect anything at all… :roll_eyes:

Do you not see why anyone may prefer 150’s over 170’s for muni, or 137’s over 125’s for trials? An inch is a hell of a lot when it comes to crank arms. I’m sure you have a particular setup you feel comfortable with, why the pms? Lol

Not only that, but also as the cranks get shorter 20mm becomes a larger proportion of the length.

If you added 20mms to bike cranks it would be maybe a 10-12% difference but if you take 20mms off of freestyle cranks it’s a full 20%.

As it has been said, there is so much difference between the sizes, even if it is only 20mm. I don’t ride freestyle, but I’ll tell you that I spin much smoother and faster on my 102mm cranks on my 36er than when I had the 127s on. Hehe, the first day I got my 36er with the 127s, I had to relearn riding my KH20 with 137s, it felt so weird.

10mm is a lot! I went from 127’s to 137’s when I switched from my DX trials to my KH and I could REALLY tell the difference in how smooth it pedaled 137’s still feel too long and I’m much more comfy doing trials on my DX a lot of the time.(I’ve had my KH since October 1st-ish) and when I went from 114’s on my freestyle to 89’s there was a HUGE difference in how it rode even after I got used to it. Same case with going from 127’s to 114’s on my 36’er. For me anything above 127’s on any unicycle feels un-smooth and just plain weird even after getting used to it. Anyway back on topic a KH freestyle would be pretty cool but I’m happy with what we currently have on the market.