KH Freestyle on e-bay

There is a uni on e-bay that is listed as a KH free style. It looks like it has a decent frame. Does anyone know if this is really a KH uni. Thanks.

could you post a link?
I did a search and didn’t find nuthin…

I’ve never seen that uni so i have no idea

looks like a kh trials frame and a kh seat but thats it…kh doesnt make cotterless hubs so it cant be a full kh

it looks suspiciously like a nimbus X with a KH frame…

nope look at the top of the frame and at the bearing holders…puure kh(top of frame noodles and the special bearing holders.)

kinda looks like a summit?

nope the summti frame was much bulkier

my mistake, i must just be that attracted to the summit i see them everywhere haha

KH on e-bay

I was concerned about the cranks also. The frame seams to have machined bearing holders so it has to worth around a $100.

i have yet to see a freestyle with splined except maybe the 04 dx so yeah 100$ is worth it i suppose.

It is KH’s freestyle unicycle, it looks stock besides for the hookworm tire.

yea, thats a KH freestyle. They aren’t made anymore. They r still just as good as the freestyle unu’s now-a-days though.