KH Freeride seat good for freestyle? (+ a few more Q's)

Well…I have a freeride KH seat but I only ride trials for now. If i get the money I was thinking of getting a freestyle uni and was wondering if the KH freeride seat would be good for freestyle riding? I really don’t plan to be doing any MUni (I live in Illinois…no where to actually do MUni:( ) and I have no real plans on buying a coker… So should I save the seat or put it up for sale??

While i have the chance and don’t wanna make more threads, is there a reason other than has Monty and Koxx-One trials unicycles and the .com site doesn’t?

Also, I have no interest in buying it but do people get insane sidehops with the Nimbus Boomerang cause that tire is huge! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys,

I live in Illinois and have tons of places to MUni, since you’re in the chi-town area go to Palos, it’s an awesome MUni course.

I guess you could use the Freeride seat for Freestyle, but a slimmer seat (like the street version) would in principle be better. Personally I also don’t like handles on freestyle seats, since they are often in the way (e.g. when doing sideways wheel walk). And you don’t really need a handle for freestyle. However, depending on what tricks you want to do the freeride seat may just be fine.

The reason that .com is not stocking Koxx is probably the way Koxx is doing business (some would describe it as “unprofessional”, which makes it a pain to stock Koxx unicycles). Note that is only a franchise holder and otherwise independent from

Maybe it is because koxx and Monty are european companies.


Are we? bummer when did that happen. :-S


Ooops, sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you :o :wink:

I know that is pretty independent of, but I thought that it might also be officially a franchise. In his Forbes competition entry John states:
“We sell about 5,000 unicycles annually in the USA, and about 5,000 internationally through independent franchisees.”

That’s why I got the franchise idea. And you all stock the Nimbus house brand.

I am not offended… just amused. :slight_smile:

Not familiar with that place… A friend of mine is a mountain biker, I got him started up on unicycling, he wants to start MUni but he was thinking there’s nowhere to go in Chicago land area…Where’s Palos, up North of here or closer to the Chicago land area? I’m by Rolling Meadows/Arlington Heights area in the suburbs and I can’t drive yet (13 :stuck_out_tongue: ) so could like…taking the train somewhere and riding a mile or two work?

Hmm…Shame doesn’t carry Koxx-One I was really thinking of maybe buying a K1 freestyle of some sort or maybe another trials or something. Aside from the fact that is superior to .com how is the Monty trials? Monty is a trials biking company, right?

-Thanks, Jon.

go to and go to trail reviews, palos is on the illinois list, I haven’t been there in about two years.