KH Freeride Saddle

What’s the consensus, is this thing more comfortable than the 06 Fusion or Nimbus gel for distance riding?

I am alright with it for Muni but the I bought one for my 360 and after a few rides i went back to my 05 fusion seat and just modified the foam.
So yes for Muni
NO for street/distance

damn. is it the center groove that makes the KH uncomfortable or what? i’m using a nimbus gel right now and it’s great most of the time, but it cuts off circulation to my legs after ~20 miles. i thought the softer foam might ease pressure on the sides of the saddle.

i rode 11 miles on onza kh velo seat other day and very painful! was thikin bout getting a knoxx gel seat? dunno ifthey are any good

I was using a gel seat for a while and my feet would sometimes fall asleep from poor circulation on long rides, but I felt the new KH fusion freeride on my 360 did not have equal support which made it uncomfortable and like I said earlier I modified the foam on a 05 kh fusion saddle, cut the groove in center and cut down the front of the foam to lessen the pressure of front of the saddle and I might still do a couple miner tweaks to it but it feels good now.
P.S. if you dont already have a railadapter type seat mount, I would recommend that first

If you’re talking about the new redesigned saddle for the '07 KH mountain unicycle (not called freeride anymore) then YES! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay more comfortable, no comparison. I’ve retired my airsaddle to boot!

you mean the Koxx-One gel saddle right?

the unicycle is not called freeride anymore, but the saddle by itself is.

I got the new kh freeride saddle and I love it. I went on a coker ride and had no numbness at all on a two hour ride. That’s two solid hours on the seat. Even at stop lights I made sure to keep my full weight on the seat. I highly recommend this seat. Thanks, Kris.


BigWheelTex: are you using a rail adaptor? And do you think the groove makes a big difference? What’s the padding like? How does it compare to Gel?

I’m very happy with my Nimbus gel - especially now I’ve got tilt adjustment with the new Nimbus handlebars. But at some point in the future I think I might like to try one of these Freeride saddles - a dedicated distance saddle would seem to suit well for Cokering or Muni-ing.

It’s good to see KH saddles really pushing the boundaries on unicycle saddle design and technology.

I only sat on it briefly, but it felt great! seemed much better than my nimbus gel.

The original post was about distance riding. I would also like to hear from more “distance” riders about the comfort of this saddle. Thanx Tex, Daytripper.