KH Freeride Saddle Ripped Fabric

There is a rip on the back of my KH Freeride saddle (see attached photo). I was planning to use the SEAMGRIP glue (see attached photo) to repair it before it gets larger. Does anyone have experience with this type of repair? Just wondering how much glue I should use and whether there’s any preparation I should do to the fabric before gluing. Or maybe someone has a better method.


Seam grip is good for seams, but it isn’t great for open cuts like this. If you can put a piece of fabric under the cut, then use seamgrip it should be okay. To be honest, I would just take the cover off, and whip stitch the cut. That would be more permanent, and you’d have a cool frankenstein scar on the back of your saddle. For thread the type 69 nylon upholstery thread is my go to for stuff like this.

Upholstery thread is magical… it’s the thread for people who don’t sew and just want it fixed and durable… use it for everything I need to “sew”…if you can call what I do sewing.