KH Freeride rim--nipple and spoke lengths?

I am going to be building a new 24" wheel using a KH Freeride rim and a Nimbus 36H ISIS hub. Are the standard 12mm length nipples (Wheelsmith) going to work on the Freeride rim? Or do I need longer ones? I would like to order the nipples and spokes now, so when the rim and hub arrive I can build the wheel. Also, according to the UDC website, the spoke length for this rim/hub combo comes out to 231.29mm. I plugged in the numbers from UDC in Roger Musson’s calculator and got 231.7mm (close enough). I am planning on ordering some Wheelsmith spokes that are 232mm. Does this sound right? I have been using an ERD of 486mm because that is what the UDC website says, but I noticed in older threads that different ERDs were mentioned for the 24" Freeride rims. Is that because the ERD has changed with different versions of the rims?


I have 12mm DT nipples on my 24" KH wheel and they are fine. Based on your numbers from the two spoke calculators I think your length is good. As for ERD I think you are right in your assumption about the different versions of the rim over the years. Still I always measure hubs and rims personally before ordering spokes. This has saved me a few times with measured numbers that were quite different from published spec’s. For the most part the published spec is good, but occasionally it’s off.

@jtrops–thanks for your quick reply. I ordered the spokes and nipples, but I won’t open the packages until I confirm the ERD and hub measurements.


Use spoke length calculator to be sure: