KH Freeride removable cover is stapled into place?

As the title states, I discovered my brand new Freeride cover has 6 visible staples in it. Maybe I shouldn’t think anything of it? It will stay in place better with them.
However, If I wanted to remove it. The task would become more difficult and I don’t see how stapled into place , equates to removable exactly.
I’m wondering if everyone else has staples in theirs?

They stopped making them with “removable cover” a long time ago as far as I know. The current version with velcro underneath makes the cover looks like its removable but it really isn’t. And you cannot buy replacement covers.
The previous version of the KH Freeride did have a removable cover and it was possible to buy replacements at some point. It was using multiple cords underneath the saddle to fasten it instead of staples and the velcro strap in the middle.
A picture of my two old KH Freeride.

Thanks for the images, it makes sense now. I smashed mine under the post. One things for sure, they’re highly secured now and aren’t going anywhere pinned down like that.