KH freeride overview please

1.can someone here please give a overview of the KH freeride(pros,cons ect)
and before you get up me for not using the search button I already have

2.on a side note is the brake efficeincy different if you mount the brakes on the front or the back?

You didnt freakin’ search very well :smiley:


Well every frame that I have seen (with the exception of the '04 qu-ax) has the brake bosses mounted on the back on the frame so I must assume since they put it that way that there’s a perfectly good reason why they should be like that, I could possibly see how It would be better on the bosses/brake screws being on the back as they would be pushed against the frame

Put it like it’s made! :stuck_out_tongue:

If they mounted the brakes on the front of your frame you would be more likely to catch them with your legs.

Bicycles have managed for years with the brakes mounted on the back of the frame for the back wheels.


It’s good. Buy it.


I don’t think it’s called the Freeride over here, but it’s the same uni. I bought one and it transformed my understanding of what terrain could be ridden on a Muni.

I have it, like forrest said, its good. it is the uni of my dreams, it is super duper solid and tons of fun to ride… basically you should get it, no questions. if you have specific questions… ask them… but the overview is this


well I Got it and its perfectz(cept for that stupid clicking :angry: )

It’s a fine uni only the bike style seatpost suck because it keeps coming loose and the seatpost clamp chould be replaced.
I ripped it the second day.