KH freeride on ebay

Looks like a 2005 model. Also looks barely ridden and the current bid is $199 with NO reserve! Not bad if it doesn’t go to high.:smiley: Also has a nice Gazz on it and an air saddle.

Just checked their shipping cost…$111.00. RIP-OFF!!! Especially given the fact that it isn’t that far from me.

Thats probably so they don’t have to give as much money to Ebay from the sale…

Still, $300 for a KH muni is realllly good. It will probably go up a lot by the end of next week though.

So how much would this muni be worth, do you think? Obviously the shipping will eat into the bargain, but still, it seems very reasonable (so far).

Oh, I just answered my own Q: At, the 2005 Freeride is $525 sans shipping.

Is that a KH rim with the machined brake surface? or did someone change the rim? plus I dont see the noodles on the frame so what year is that

That’s an 06 Freeride. The new rim is like that and you’re right, no ‘noodles’ on the frame. Looks just like mine but the seat post got cut pretty short on that one.

Maybe someone bought it thinking it would be easy?

They list local pickup as an option :wink:

Whoa! Do they realize you can disassemble it so it will fit in a smaller box and be cheaper to ship? That shipping calculation must be going by dimensional weight and the idiots at iSold It are too stupid to realize it can fit in a smaller box and save the customer a lot of shipping cost.

There are cases of things like flash memory cards being sold for $0.99 with $60 shipping, but iSold It wouldn’t stoop to those kinds of tricks cause they’d get yanked from eBay.


I don’t see the shipping cost; my computer case was shipped in its box which was approx. 12"x25"x24", and the case weighs 15.7 lbs. $16.90 three day shipping on, I believe by UPS. That weight is more than the 24" KH Freeride as listed on, at 14.8 lbs.

Link for the case:

this has the nokian gazz.

I ran the numbers through FedEx. A 29X29X15 box is only $39.69 to ship cross country (home delivery, 5 business days). A 29X29X15 box is more than big enough even if they’re paranoid and overdo the padding. They must be charging $70 to make a custom box, materials, and to disassemble the uni. They’re gouging on the shipping. Apologize for the high shipping cost? Yeah, they’re loving that extra charge. $70 to box up a uni?

I’m confused, Terry… do you have a summer home in NC that you haven’t told us about? Or are you just saying that compared to NZ, NC is just around the corner from Cali?

nearby in FL,
John M

Hmmmm, I’m equally confused by YOUR post. Please clarify. John’s post just above your says it all. They are price gouging! Btw, are you Bill Nye, the “Science Guy?”

They’re definitely price gouging… it’s that mysterious “and handling” we all hear so much about, I’m sure.

The “nearby” in my signoff really warranted ironyquotes, I suppose, and the nickname is merely a tribute. I typically tell people who ask that question that I’m on the opposite corner of the USA for me to actually be Bill Nye.

nay, we are but men. rock,
John M

P.S. Keep up the good work on the vids, terryman.

I hope the potential auction high bidder calls the seller on their outragious shipping charge!

KH Freeride on eBay

I’m planning on getting a Freeride myself, I’ve been saving up all summer and researching everything that I can.
This is a great deal but it just seems to good, I’m afraid the price will pick up fast, really fast.

looks like the dealer has de-listed the KH…also the first two bidders retracted.

it might get listed again with less shipping, keep an eye out.

Is a high shipping cost really gouging? They aren’t hiding the cost. If the highest price I would pay $400 total, then I would bid $400 less the shipping cost. I don’t see the problem with making the shipping as high as you like as long as it’s clealy stated. Now, the part about it being oversized blah blah blah, that’s alot of bunk.